2017 Girls Combi Pool Classic Photos

Yesterday was the Vans Girls Combi Classic at The Block in Orange, CA. The best women bowl skaters from Japan, Austraila, Brazil and all over the USA were represented in all three divisions. This annual event proves that girl skaters of all ages have no fear of some deep concrete vert.  —Joe Hammeke


The Vans Combi Bowl is no joke. It's huge! 



The 14-and-under division showed that these young girls are going to be big contenders in the years to come. Jordan Santana, invert in the round



Power and style come along with skating big terrain. Michelle Yoon, Smith in the round



Bella Kenworthy, part of the Pink Helmet Posse, just missed the top three. Front rock in the shallow



Well, look who is judging! It’s Jean Rusen from Arizona. Jean's been shredding backyard pools longer than some of the contestants have been alive



Isadora Pacheco from Florianópolis, Brazil, freight train frontside 50-50 into a solid 3rd place



Minna Stess was one of several ten year olds in the comp. She had a solid bag of tricks and skated the entire bowl. Smith through the shallow for 2nd place



The 14 and under winner—Zoe Safanda. At only 12 years old, she's got some pro caliber moves that helped put her on top



Team Hosoi! Always ripping, always having a good time



Fourteen and under top three: Isadora Pacheco, Zoe Safanda and Minna Stess with the trophies, the cash and the Original Betty skateboard presented by Steve Van Doren



15 and over was up next and once again team Hosoi was ruling. Kihana Ogawa, front rock on the hip



Two of the top three in the 15-and-over were from Japan. Look out, 2020 Olympics!



One of the gnarliest tricks of the entire event: Sakura Yosozumi, switch blunt on the hip!



Dora Varella from São Paulo, Brazil, skated her way into the top spot with smooth lines and style. Frontside rock in the round



15 and over top three: Sakura Yosozumi, Dora Varella and Kihana Ogawa



Now what do you do with your new Patti McGee skateboard? You go find Patti across the bowl and have her sign it!  



 Now for the pros! Brighton Zeuner, color-coordinated Smith through the corner during practice



Minnesota’s Nicole Hause was pre qualified for the finals. Huge frontside air in the square



Always a top contender, 2011 champion Allysha Le, lein air in the square



Many skateboarding legends were in attendance. Vans legend Steve Caballero signs an autograph for a fan



Bryce Wettstein has 50-50s to fakie on lock. You have to if you're going to do them through the square corner of the Combi Bowl



2016 Girls Combi Classic winner Poppy Star was back to defend her title—fastplant in the square



Yndiara Asp competed in the 15-and-over am competition last year, but this year she moved up to the pro division—boneless through the corner



Poppy Star, one-footed invert in the square for a 3rd place finish



in the finals, Brighton Zeuner found herself back in the corner, this time with a feeble fakie landing her in 4th place



Jordyn Barratt finishing off one of her four runs in the finals with a high speed crailslide



The crowd, including Stevie Caballero, was hyped



Nicole Hause, backside ollie into 2nd place



Jordyn Barratt's final run was more of a victory lap. Frontside invert in the square



Vans Girls Combi Classic pro final results: Poppy Star 3rd place, Nicole Hause 2nd and 2017 champion, Jordyn Barratt



Congrats to Jordyn on 1st place and thanks to Vans for hosting the event for supporting skateboarding for numerous decades

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    Girls Combi Pool Classic Photos
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