DC Shoes' "Gotta Eat!" Premiere Photos

DC threw a little shindig this past Thursday night in Long Beach to premiere their latest video project: Gotta Eat! It's a tour video full of heavy hitters and heavier tricks. These dudes smashed through Oz and came back with some gold. Check out the photos of the good times and great friends from the event and then watch the video. Hope you’re hungry. –David Broach

001 Tailgate party with SDs finest 750pxTailgate party with SD's finest!

002 Intense conversations 750pxIntense conversations....


003 With Evan and party hands McGee 750px…with Evan and party hands McGee aka Doberman

004 Marios Mike Wes 750pxMarius, Mike, Wes, Zander and Jake—all the good hemmies were there

005 This months hottest cover boy 750pxThis month’s hottest cover boy

006 Grey Mesa knows KOTR hair cuts are trending 750pxGrey Mesa knows KOTR haircuts are trending

007 MF stands for Mother F in good time 750pxMF stands for Mother F-in good time!

008 Seb and Marious doing a little fine beer tasting in the corner 750pxSeb and Marius doing a little fine beer tasting in the corner

009 Dillan with some last min party prep 750pxDylan Christopher with some last-minute party prep

010 Art on the walls 750pxCheck that switch tré!

011 Couple of Boss Boweses. Jimmy Jimmy Astleford and Marc Falkenstein 750pxCouple of Boss Bowses—Jimmy Astleford and Marc Falkenstein

012 Its about to get weird 750pxIt's about to get weird

013 Little dude wont hurt anything 750pxLittle dude won't hurt anything

014 And then T Funk got a beer to the face 750pxAnd then T-Funk got a beer to the face

015 Time for the ikd shotgun duel 750pxTime for the old shotgun duel

016 10 paces and whoever guns it first gets to smash can on head of opponent 750pxTen paces and whoever guns it first gets to smash their can on their opponent’s head

017 750pxThe wind up

018 Winner winner chicken dinner 750pxWinner winner chicken dinner

019 Couple of old photo geeks. Myself and Bradford. photo taken by Marious 750pxCouple of old photo geeks—me and John Bradford. Photo by Marius

020 Show time 750pxShowtime!

021 But first some announcements 750pxBut first… some announcements

022 Tyson too high to be bummed about limpin 750pxTyson too high to be bummed about limpin’

023 And the crowd goes wild 750pxAnd the crowd goes wild

024 Gettin Funk faced with T Funk 750pxGettin funkfaced with T-Funk

025 Art 750pxArt is everywhere

026 When the shows over you can take the prints home 750pxWhen the show’s over you can take the prints home

027 Cole always TCOBeveryday taken care of business 750pxCole always TCOB—Takin’ Care Of Business

028 scumstache scratch fever 750pxScumstache scratch fever

029 Pass 750pxPass

030 Loaded up 750pxLoaded up

031 Boozin buds 750pxBoozin’ buds

032 The future is all screens 750pxThe future is all screens

033 Gotta eat is trending 750pxGotta Eat is trending

034 750pxScored the Jaakko. Nice!

035 Cole thinks he knows everything 750pxCole Mathews thinks he knows everything

036 Everything is a moment nowadays 750pxEverything is a "moment" nowadays

037 More moments 750pxMore moments. Thanks, DC, for hosting such a great premiere. Such a sick vid!