Jamie Foy Shoe Release Party Photos

Last Thursday, New Balance threw one hell of a party in honor of Foy's first shoe. The night was fueled by an endless supply of high-class snacks and an open bar at what might be the world’s fanciest bowling alley. Thanks for the good times, NB, and congrats on the new shoe, Foy! –David Broach

001 High class bowling action in Highland Park. Lights Camera Action. PDB06887 750pxHighland Park—where bowling goes from trashy to classy. Lights, camera, action!

002 Just a bunch of bros playin with their balls. PDB06914 750pxJust a bunch of bros playin’ with balls

003 Man of the hour with Mama of the hour. Cute as hell. PDB06912 750pxMan of the hour with mama of the hour—cute as hell

004 Tave Chris and a rare Yoon a clone. PDB06858 750pxTave, Chris and a rare Yoon-a-clone

005 These dudes never missin out on a open bar. PDB06859 750pxThese dudes never miss a good time

006 Never ending fancy slice zone. PDB06860 750pxNever-ending fancy slice zone

007 Levi and the Torgawait Torgersonssons. PDB06862 750pxLevi and the Torgersons

008 Hangin Loose with Tom and Arto. PDB06939 750pxHangin’ Loose with Tom K and Arto

009 Cookie and his main cookie. PDB06865 750pxCookie and his main cookie

010 form PDB06866 750pxIt’s all in that back leg #form


012 real talk PDB06878 750pxReal talk…

013 with these bros. PDB06876 750px…with these bros, Westgate and Miner

014 Epic lookin shred slips. PDB06880 750pxEpic looking shred slips

015 Well thats my friend Cole messin up a photo of T puds with T Babe. PDB06885 750pxMy friend Cole messin’ up a photo of T-puds and his lady

016 Cant Seu pantsget it PDB06889 750pxCan't Seu pants. Get it?

017 Tuan did. PDB06854 750pxTuan did

018 If you crop the balls out of bowlinhg photos it makes the person look like they are really bad dancers. PDB06904 750pxIf you crop the balls out of bowling photos it just looks like bad dancing

019 PDB06908 750pxSee?

020 PDB06986 750pxDance party!

021 PDB06943 750px

022 PDB06945 750px

023 Tom K PDB06938 750px


024 PDB06979 750px

025 PDB06991 750px


026 PDB06992 750px

027 Some 70s pornstar. PDB06948 750pxSome '70s pornstar

028 Element Survivors. PDB06950 750px


029 the old shoe cake eh. PDB06960 750pxThe old shoe cake trick, eh?

030 ummmmm cake. PDB06957 750pxMmmmmm, cake

031 Dude you see this cake PDB06963 750pxDude, you see that cake?

032 Hella cake fans. PDB06968 750pxHella cake fans

033 It was a pretty cool lookin cake. PDB06969 750pxI mean, it was a pretty cool lookin’ cake.

034 Deal makers and shakers. Who just got traded PDB06972 750pxDealmakers and shakers. Who just got traded?

035 Big valley Love. PDB06975 750pxBig valley love

036 Lenoce knows. PDB06977 750pxLenoce knows

037 couple of studs. PDB06982 750pxCouple of studs

038 Showtime PDB06993 750pxShowtime!

039 this got weird on me. PDB06999 750pxThis encounter with Mason and Franky got weird

040 still awkard. PDB07001 750pxNope, still awkward

041 Zion revin up PDB07002 750pxZion revin’ up!

042 speach speach speach PDB07005 750pxSpeech, speech, speech!

043 I see you Matt PDB07020 750pxI see you, Matt!

044 Couple of Long Beach Legands. PDB07025 750pxCouple of Long Beach legends, Tuan and Montoya

045 Tuan pretending. PDB07024 750pxDJ Pretender

046 Cheers geeks Im out. Thanks for the good times NB PDB06891 750pxCheers, geeks! I'm out. Thanks for the good times, NB, and congrats again on the shoe, Foy. You deserve it big time!

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