T-Funk’s Shoe Release Party Photos

DC recently celebrated the release of T-Funk’s new shoe with a wear-test sesh at Baker and then some good old fashion rock ’n’ roll at Kibitz room. Funk yeah, it was badass! –David Broach

001 PDB05451 Broach Photo DZ 750pxA funky T-Funk holding his future in his hands

002 PDB05199 Broach Photo DZ 750pxTristan puts his left foot in…

003 PDB05058 Broach Photo DZ 750pxthen puts his right foot in for the whole Hokey Pokey

004 PDB05050 Broach Photo DZ 750pxQuick Evan Smith frontside flyby

005 PDB05235 Broach Photo DZ 750pxNeen, heelflip. Just kiddin’. Tristan, one-footin’

006 PDB05307 Broach Photo DZ 750pxEvan’s always high

007 PDB05262 Broach Photo DZ 750pxHella media blitz

008 PDB05378 Broach Photo DZ 750pxEvan, frontside wall ridin’

009 PDB05398 Broach Photo DZ 750pxAll the cool kids are wearin’ ‘em

010 PDB05402 Broach Photo DZ 750pxChill testers

011 PDB05497 Broach Photo DZ 750pxBreakin’ in that toe cap with them nosegrinds

012 PDB05518 Broach Photo DZ 750pxMiss ya, boss

013 PDB05564 Broach Photo DZ 750pxYou better kickflip like that when you're in Reynolds’ house!

014 PDB05580 Broach Photo DZ 750pxNo hands, ma

015 PDB05613 Broach Photo DZ 750pxA swing…

016 PDB05642 Broach Photo DZ 750px…and a miss

017 PDB05663 Broach Photo DZ 750pxFunky stacks

018 PDB05789 Broach Photo DZ 750pxWes showed up for free shoes

019 PDB05691 Broach Photo DZ 750pxNew album title: Wet Love by Evan Smith

020 PDB05719 Broach Photo DZ 750pxHella hard one foots. Hook Ups is coming for ya

021 PDB05763 Broach Photo DZ 750pxThey passed the push test

022 PDB05883 Broach Photo DZ 750pxThe best

023 PDB05892 Broach Photo DZ 750pxParty time!

024 PDB05898 Broach Photo DZ 750pxCJ!!

025 PDB05901 Broach Photo DZ 750pxHappy crowds

026 PDB05908 Broach Photo DZ 750pxIntense DJing by DJ Crenshaw

027 PDB05941 Broach Photo DZ 750pxHeavy riffs from CFM

028 PDB05927 Broach Photo DZ 750pxNeck prefers King Diamond

029 PDB05944 Broach Photo DZ 750pxRight back atcha

030 PDB05945 Broach Photo DZ 750pxYonnie

031 PDB05958 Broach Photo DZ 750pxJimmy Astleford’s Insta Stories are hot right now

032 PDB05960 Broach Photo DZ 750pxRock ’n’ roll fever face

033 PDB05966 Broach Photo DZ 750pxDem GX Boyz lurkin’

034 PDB05970 Broach Photo DZ 750pxTough crowd

035 PDB05971 Broach Photo DZ 750pxTold ya

036 PDB06008 Broach Photo DZ 750px
037 PDB06012 Broach Photo DZ 750pxNext band up: The Schizophonics

038 PDB06015 Broach Photo DZ 750pxRichie Belton look-alike contest winner

039 PDB06020 Broach Photo DZ 750pxNow it gets weird

040 PDB06025 Broach Photo DZ 750pxOne thing I know—you're not having fun until someone’s in a headlock

041 PDB06029 Broach Photo DZ 750pxAnd the fans go wild

042 PDB06032 Broach Photo DZ 750pxDance off

043 PDB06034 Broach Photo DZ 750pxDance off part two

044 PDB06036 Broach Photo DZ 750pxIt's a celebration, bitches

045 PDB06040 Broach Photo DZ 750px
046 PDB06042 Broach Photo DZ 750px
047 PDB06043 Broach Photo DZ 750px
048 PDB06044 Broach Photo DZ 750px"Dude, I can't believe I wore shorts!”

049 PDB06045 Broach Photo DZ 750px
050 PDB06046 Broach Photo DZ 750pxCongrats speech from Jimmy

051 PDB06049 Broach Photo DZ 750pxThe shoe!

052 PDB05973 Broach Photo DZ 750px"Best Birthday Party Ever!" Thanks, DC and congrats, T-Funk. Helluva night, helluva guy

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