Manny's "Pound for Pound" Premiere Photos

Manny's "Pound for Pound" Premiere Photos

Words & Photos: David Broach

Manny dropped his part on the website today but last night he had a little celebration/premiere in Hollywood for friends. People from all over came out for the free booze paid for by Rockstar and to party with Manny. Congrats on the part Manny!

DJ Romar

Rockin’ them stars

Manny and the man who films him, Arnaldo Rosario

Hella crew

Holly shit! Anthony Mosley and his wife

Salt ’n’ Pepa


Chad Fernandez and Greg Lutzka

DJ Romar getting the dance floor packed... Night was still young

Hey Derrick, grab that guy next to you for a photo. Thanks!

Hella Valley crew


More speech

Speech, speech, speech, speech... Just play the video Manny!

After black applause. Good job Manny!

Gotta double fist

Good job Manny!

Scott Kane, PR, and the original Manny, Mr. Felix

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