PHX AM 2017: Photos

The 16th annual PHX AM presented by Vans and Cowtown took place this weekend. It was also Cowtown’s 20th anniversary and Steve Van Doren had something special in store to kick off the weekend. The temperatures were cooler than usual which helped push the skating to hotter levels. By Sunday afternoon, Arizona local Jagger Eaton was awarded the steel cactus as the 2017 PHX AM champion.  —Joe Hammeke



The Desert West Skatepark and some upgrades for the weekend

02Patrick O’Mara is only 13 but still managed to get up on this back Smith

03Roman Pabich is no stranger to the deep end with this fast plant to fakie

04CJ Collins was there frontside flipping three times his height

05Friday night was Cowtown’s 20th anniversary party

06The Vans x Cowtown Sk8-Hi custom shoe and t-shirts

07Trent, Steve Van Doren, Laura and Ed—skateboarding is one big family

08Steve is ahead of the game

09Thrasher Zounds and Zine Thing columnist Wez Lundry, aka DJ Baby Scoops, spinning records at Cowtown’s Tempe location

10Saturday morning the line was all the way to the street

22Cowtown’s Sick Nick ready to award the "1st dude in line” with a prize pack

15Product toss to get it going

31Justin Henry, first in for a slice of the action with a buttery kickflip over the pizza gap

11Corey Millett front crooking his way to Sunday’s semi finals

14Alex Midler, frontside alley-oop over the quarterpipe gap

16Axel Cruysberghs, front feeble straight to Sunday’s finals.

17Thomas Turner heads north on the Desert West hubba.

18Jamie Foy was there with guns a blazin'

19Tyson Peterson got ten for that “Jamie, squirt it in my face!” comment

21Corey Millett with the assist for Lefty's Skate Mafia sign.

23Ikeda Daisuke, gaps from Japan to front feeble.

27Real hooked up custom signs for each of their riders in the competition.

28He never got the 540, but Zion did boost some backside ollies into 7th place

30Yoshi Tanenbaum’s top tier 360 flip landed him in 10th-place

38after a couple run-ins with other big guns.

24Minneapolis' Tanner VanVark, wallie back lipped his way to a 6th-place finish

25 ...and the most metal handshake with Logan Mozey

26Dashawn Jordan locked down 5th place with big moves like this 360 flip 50-50

13A switch back lip turned into a “Sack Olson”

12...but that didn’t stop Jack Olson from switch feebling to a 4th-place finish

33Ivan Monteiro, noseblunted his way into 3rd-place all the way from Brazil

34Yuto Horigome switch back lipped to a golden ticket on Saturday and a 2nd place finish on Sunday

35Not a newcomer to the PHX AM finals, Jagger Eaton finally got to take home a win with this Kickflip back tail

40 "Hey, Jagger…"

41"…You won!"

42PHX AM 2017 top three: 3rd place Ivan Monteiro, 1st place Jagger Eaton and 2nd place Yuto Horigome. Congrats, guys! And thanks Vans, Cowtown and all the other sponsors for throwing such an epic event. See you in '18!