Yellow Brick Rhodes

This past Saturday Element held the grand opening for their new 304 Americana space in Boise, Idaho located in the parking lot of the new Rhodes skatepark. It has a skateshop downstairs and an art gallery up top.  What better way to break it in than bringing the majority of the team to town for a demo and signing? To top it off the Blood Wizard team joined forces in honor of an upcoming collab, which resulted in one of the biggest and best demos I have ever seen. –Ben Karpinski

1Started the day off with a meet and greet with the mayor of Boise


2Had to poach the local newspaper’s group photo


3Nick Garcia setting up boards for the kids


4Then it was off to the demo

5Chris Gregson sails a kickflip


6Julian Davidson kickflip front board


7Chad Tim Tim dipping a switch back Smith


8Mark Appleyard got his back with a switch backside 180 nosegrind


9Mason Silva paying homage to Barley

10Nyjah made it out to Boise

11He then proceeded to nollie flip out of this crooked grind

12While Mark went with the nollie flip into his noseslide


13Nick Garcia switch front feebs

14Westgate backside 360 kickflip!

15Nick eyes the action on the other side of the park

16 EliWilliams BsBonelessEli Williams back boneless off the Idaho wall

17Greyson Fletcher nosepick 14 feet up

18Flying tweestopher

19Greyson comes back for more with a crail

20So much stoke

21Then it was off to the flow course where Jack Given was grinding over the love sea

22 Jacopo KickflipItalian ripper Jacopo blasted a kickflip over the hip


23Then it was time for the party train. Greyson starts it off with a massive one-foot


24You already know Nyjah loves a party

25Great way to close out a demo

26Then it was back to Element’s 304 Americana space to relax for a few minutes before the signing

27Some well deserved beers

28And even a few Wizards!

29Tyson scopes out the autograph line

30Wrapped around the block

31Jerry trying to get Tom some extra photo incentive

32Downstairs Element owner Johnny Schillereff and Matt Ward

33Then it was close to four hours of this

34Wish you were here

35DIY doesn’t end at the skatepark. Nice plaque Jack

36Well worth the wait

37Three hours in we could finally see the end of the line

38This is Henry and his Mom, when asked whose autograph he wanted the most he said Jerry Gurney. Once the Wizard found out he decided to do something special

39And have Henry give Jerry his very first pro model for him to sign

40Total shocker

41From there it turned into a complete shit show


43Congrats Jerry!

44Even Boise PD approved!

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