“Skate Dreams” World Premiere Photos

The world premiere of Skate Dreams—a feature-length documentary chronicling the rise of women’s skateboarding—took place Friday, March 11th in Austin, TX as part of the SXSW Film Festival. To celebrate the occasion, the producers of the film organized a meet and greet at No-Comply skateshop followed by a product giveaway at House Park skatepark. Fans young and old rolled out to score autographs, snap selfies and snag some freebies. —Michael Sieben

Photos by: Dylan Makar

skatedreamsfilmdemo 1Chansangva “Tin” Kouv, Alex White, Lisa Whitaker, Mimi Knoop, Jessie Van Roechoudt and Nora Vasconcellos about to hit the parking-lot party

skatedreamsfilmdemo 2The gang’s all here

skatedreamsfilmdemo 3There was already a hefty line for autographs

skatedreamsfilmdemo 4Nobody told Nora it was a black-jacket affair

skatedreamsfilmdemo 5Nora, Nicole Hause and Mimi get it crackin’

skatedreamsfilmdemo 6You’re supposed to sign the posters, not the table!

skatedreamsfilmdemo 7That’s more like it

skatedreamsfilmdemo 8Better get Lisa Whitaker to sign that Meow board, too

skatedreamsfilmdemo 8A message from Mimi

skatedreamsfilmdemo 10Nicole Hause on the poster, apparently

skatedreamsfilmdemo 11Nora, never too busy for a pic with the fans

skatedreamsfilmdemo 12Filmmaker Jessica Edwards and Alex White—recipient of the 2019 T-Eddy “Meme Queen” award

skatedreamsfilmdemo 13No, Stevie, WE take the photos here!

skatedreamsfilmdemo 14Free burgs courtesy of Bad Larry

skatedreamsfilmdemo 15DAMN… wish I came hungry

skatedreamsfilmdemo 16Free June Shine, too, for those searching out a fizzy buzz

skatedreamsfilmdemo 17Garrett Young and Daniel “Sage” Morales unloading the Weird Water and Tea…

skatedreamsfilmdemo 18… for those looking to stay high on life (or caffeine)

skatedreamsfilmdemo 19After the parking-lot festivities, it was time to head to House Park. The street course was all jammed up, so no demo action popped off

Nicole Hause Skate Dreams Drop in 750Nicole snuck in a tail drop on HP’s least-ridden obstacle, though

skatedreamsfilmdemo 21And the locals were shredding (as always). Heelflip

skatedreamsfilmdemo 22But most of the crowd was just hoping for some free goodies

skatedreamsfilmdemo 23Nora and Stevie Barile about to hype it up

skatedreamsfilmdemo 24Oh, you like shoes? Here’s some adidas, kid

skatedreamsfilmdemo 25Bronsons for you…

skatedreamsfilmdemo 26Bronsons for you…

skatedreamsfilmdemo 27Sheet of MOB grip for you…

skatedreamsfilmdemo 28What’s that? A Thrasher X No-Comply hoodie? That’s worth a set of Krux, for sure

skatedreamsfilmdemo 29After all the product was pillaged, it was on to the Alamo Drafthouse for the world premiere of Skate Dreams. Cast and crew assembled on top of some carpet from The Shining. Besides Death Match, this is the only official SXSW event I’ve ever attended

skatedreamsfilmdemo 30Stevie, Alex, Dylan Jones, Nora and Mimi eagerly waiting for the theater doors to open

skatedreamsfilmdemo 31Nicole’s parents even flew in for the event. A very different vibe from the homie vid at the bar to which I am accustomed

skatedreamsfilmdemo 32We found our seats and got a brief introduction from the director, Jessica Edwards. She explained her interest in the subject matter began when her daughter started skateboarding and they were both inspired by the growing scene of women skateboarders they discovered

skatedreamsfilmdemo 33Not gonna lie, I shed a few tears

skatedreamsfilmdemo 34A Q&A with the filmmaker and documentary subjects immediately followed the showing. Such an inspiring group of people and such a cool story to document

skatedreamsfilmdemo 35Shout out to Brujas and Skateistan for their support for the documentary and the events, and huge thanks to Erin Owens, Michaela Connell and Jessica Edwards for inviting us to attend the premiere—I thoroughly enjoyed the film. Once it finds a distribution home, I encourage all of you to grab a buddy, some popcorn and give it a view or two. And don’t forget your Kleenex!
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