Vans US Open Continental Championships

The Vans Park Series is back in Huntington Beach once again, but this year with a little twist to the format. Adding a continental championships to both the men’s and women’s divisions with a winner take all trip to the finals in Shanghai China. With over 80 entrants it was a long battle on the beach to earn that top spot to the World Championships. —Joe Hammeke

01 750pxWelcome to Huntington Beach

02 750pxGirls on the deck, who’s droppin in first?

03 750pxSpencer Breaux with a stylish front rock

04 750pxSarah Thompson with support for the international ladies

05 750pxMinna Stess backside air in the deep

06 750pxThat deserves a knucks from Brazil’s Dora Varella

07 750pxHeavy contender Nicole Hause and a lofty backside ollie

08 750pxSarah Thompson pulls double duty icing her forearm and Ana Maria Falla Toro’s shoulder

09 750pxRepresenting team Hosoi, Jordan Santana lipslides through the corner

10 750pxLea Taylor and Kristina Scott cheer on the finalists

11 750pxDora Varella, Smith grind through the corner

12 750pxDora and Christian Hosoi waiting on the results

13 750px
14 750px“Who’s gonna take home some medals?” Steve Van Doren

15 750pxThese ladies, 3rd place Minna Stess, 2nd place Spencer Breaux and in 1st Dora Varella!

16 750pxCongrats Dora, see you in Shanghai!

17 750pxThanks to the ladies, by the time the mens event rolled around the stands were full

18 750pxThe more the merrier

19 750pxThe freakier it gets

20 750pxJ-Lay brings in hydration for the troops, it’s hot on the beach

21 750px“I paid $200 to enter this contest, I’m loading up on the free snacks” Malakai Montes

22 750pxBeef jerky fueled sugarcane by Malakai Montes

23 750pxA broken arm didn’t stop Asher Bradshaw from spinning huge 540’s and qualifying first for the finals

24 750pxStraight outta Seattle, Phil Hansen grabs a grind off the extension and over the hip

25 750pxIf it’s Shota Kubo, you know it’s gonna be a stylin’ crailslide

26 750px“Ya’ll wanna see a backflip?”

27 750pxBeaver Fleming avoids serious injury

28 750pxBut then the unfortuante happend, Logan Farmer hung up and knocked himself out

29 750pxCedric Pabich isn’t scared to slam, noseblunt slide post carnage

30 750pxHeimena Reynolds twists a frontside invert

31 750pxJagger Eaton was looking for a win but a few missed flip tricks put him and this nosegrind in 5th place

32 750pxWilly Lara with an indy air to disaster

33 750pxTate Carew, huge tailgrab

34 750pxPatrick Ryan with a high speed backside ollie over the hip

35 750pxThe results are called

36 750pxTop 3 men’s continental champions are Heimena Reynolds in 3rd, Luiz Francisco Canettieri Nunes Mariano 2nd and Patrick Ryan first!

37 750pxLucero is no stranger to having team riders on the podium at bowl events

38 750pxCongratulations Patrick, see you in Shanghai!

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