"Witch Hunt 2019" Article

The Witch Hunt, the 4th annual King of the Road-inspired skateboarding scavenger hunt, blew it up on Saturday May 4th. The Witch Hunt is widely considered to be the best part of the Wheels of Fortune weekend. At the meetup at Greenlake skatepark, crews assembled and picked their teams: The Skate Witches, Smell the Magic, "We're Gay!", Vipers, Sk8Bae, Ladies of Leisure, Tough & Tender, Las Mas Perras, The North, Shreddy Mercury, The Shitheads, Ok Cool, Yoda Babez, (Y)East Infection, Yung Arthriti$, SCRAMBO, The Baby Boofers, Candy Van, ???!!, Baggy Pants Tight Shirt, Quell Skate, Up 2 No Good, Mike n Yikes, Why so Serious?, Pro J Vom, and East Toast. After rushing through the city all day getting Sheckler tattoos, crushing watermelons with their thighs, sliding handrails and scaring the boys, the teams turned in their scorecards and started on their edits. Thrasher will host the online poll coming at you next week so you can vote on your favorite team. In the meantime, peep these photos and book your ticket to join in the fun next year! —Kristin Ebeling


750photo1Greenlake was at max capacity at 11 AM in anticipation of the start of the 4th annual Witch Hunt Photo: Olga Aguilar

Witch Hunt olga Aguilar 30 1 750pxThis event gets bigger and better every year—quick group photo before the festivities begin Photo: Olga Aguilar

Ibarra 1718 750pxUna got the session at Lower Woodland park set off with this back heel Photo: Norma Ibarra

Wetnegatives WitchHunt 18 750pxFresh off her flight from NYC, Jessyka Bailey used some airplane arms to help with her nose wheelie Photo: Reina Choto

WOF 10 olga Aguilar 750pxGoth girl and lavender lady solidarity made this friendship flip possible Photo: Olga Aguilar

Witch Hunt olga Aguilar 11 750pxYoung Skate Witches made it out this year! Photo: Olga Aguilar

Ibarra 2055 750pxIf you’re wondering where your textbook went, Lacey stole it. 360 flip butter Photo: Norma Ibarra

Jamie Reyes Zorah Olivia 2 750pxJaime Reyes relaxed and waited for another woman to pull a switch back tail Photo: Zorah Olivia

Ibarra 1721 750pxShari pulled a knockout heelflip up the Euro Photo: Norma Ibarra

Witch Hunt olga Aguilar 8 750pxThere was not shortage of cuties! Photo: Olga Aguilar

Ibarra 2129 750pxMariah brought her hardflip with her from New Mexico Photo: Norma Ibarra

Ibarra 1765 750pxMexico’s Itzel Granados might bashful, but she didn’t hesitate to get lippy with us during warm ups Photo: Norma Ibarra

Witch Hunt olga Aguilar 5 750pxSeattle pals posed for a quick pic Photo: Olga Aguilar

Witch Hunt olga Aguilar 9 1 750pxLacey Baker took a fan photo with the sheriff of the Seattle chapter of Skate Like a Girl, Soph Elden Photo: Olga Aguilar

Witch Hunt olga Aguilar 23 1 750pxBigfoot, definitely in the house Photo: Olga Aguilar

750photo2Mimi Knoop once again organized a protest of women skaters—this time her crew, Ladies of Leisure, refused to stand for a group photo. What will Women’s Skateboarding Alliance do next?! Photo: Olga Aguilar

Witch Hunt olga Aguilar 61 750pxWhat Team Yoda Babes lacked in working ankles, they made up for in hand gestures Photo: Olga Aguilar

WOF Zorah Olivia 6 750pxAlex White got a lot of compliments on her new hat! Photo: Olga Aguilar

Witch Hunt olga Aguilar 3 1 750pxElise Hedge left some room for Jesus Photo: Olga Aguilar

Witch Hunt 2019 Aguilar 13 750pxQuell Skateboarding from NYC came through to lead Team City Rats Photo: Olga Aguilar

Ibarra 2196 750pxAlex White wants to know who farted—and also when her team gets to open their Witch Hunt bag Photo: Norma Ibarra

WOF Zorah Olivia 9 750pxC’mon, seriously! When can we open our bags?! Photo: Zorah Olivia

WOF Zorah Olivia 13 750pxAh yes, finally! Here are the challenges! Photo: Zorah Olivia

KH DSC 0807 750pxFree sweat towels and a day full of fun challenges! Let’s go! Photo: Kylie Henson

Ibarra 2210 750pxGroup pic with BMX ally Jeffrey: one point for Team Smell the Magic! Photo: Norma Ibarra

WOF Zorah Olivia 14 750pxJenn Soto’s team name sounded like a SoundCloud rapper so naturally they had no trouble dropping a quick Sharpie-penned bar to the belly to gain two points for Team Arthriti$ Photo: Zorah Olivia

WOF10 RUBY 6 750px(Y)East Infection teammates bent over backwards for each other to earn five quick points Photo: Ruby Storey

Ibarra 2236 750pxAs Too $hort famously said “Get in where ya fit in.” Tin from Skateistan Cambodia and her squad pile in Photo: Norma Ibarra

Zorah Olivia fuji WITCH HUNT 3 750pxChill, it’s just beet juice Photo: Zorah Olivia

Zorah Olivia WITCH HUNT 53 750pxMariah breached her footwear contract to gain two points for shredding in snowboarding boots Photo: Zorah Olivia

Zorah Olivia WITCH HUNT 51 750pxJenn Soto scored eight points for Yung Arthriti$ with this boardslide in front of the evo store Photo: Zorah Olivia

wof Aguilar 20 750pxVanessa Bonilla making The Muska proud—noseslide with an improvised boom box at All Together skatepark Photo: Olga Aguilar

Zorah Olivia WITCH HUNT 62 750pxJudkins skatepark was a must-hit. Middle-schooler Mia Lovell wasn’t too shy to perform a front blunt nosegrab Photo: Zorah Olivia

Ibarra 2346 750pxPoppy Starr wasted no time stomping this fastplant Photo: Norma Ibarra

Ibarra 2410 750pxJess Wu packed her needles so Team Sk8Bae could score some points with a Skate Witch tat at Judkins. D4L Photo: Norma Ibarra

DSC02643 20190504 750pxLacey Baker slammed a whole pizza with ease: five points for team Shreddy Mercury! Photo: Mia Bolton

Wetnegatives WitchHunt 28 750pxTeam North filmer Adelaide Norris put down the VX long enough to smash a heelflip rock: four points! Photo: Reina Choto

Stella Reynolds WOF Zorah Olivia 4 750pxDid you know Stella Reynolds moonlights as a gymnast? Photo: Zorah Olivia

Stella Reynolds Vanessa Challenge Zorah Olivia 2 750pxStella Reynolds with a Vanessa Torres-trademark Smith for two quick points. Ripping style, Stella! Photo: Zorah Olivia

Zorah Olivia WITCH HUNT copy 750pxStella made heads and tails of this challenge—tailslide and dome grab for five points! Photo: Zorah Olivia

Stella and Jenn Zorah Olivia 1 2 750pxHowdy, Team Yung Arthriti$! Photo: Zorah Olivia

Dalia Lundquist Beanie Zorah Olivia 2 750pxSaggy beanie, saggier flyout—Dalia Lundquist knows imitating “that guy at the skatepark,” earning her team five points Photo: Zorah Olivia

DSC02691 20190504 750pxSF Bay Area’s Horaima Martinez lets ‘em know! Photo: Mia Bolton

Hippie Jump Zorah Olivia 2 750pxJenn asked, “Kiki, do you love me?” She said yes, so Soto jumped Kierra while she was rolling Photo: Zorah Olivia

VStjaneWOF 05 750px

Amber Gedman tearing up legendary Garfield High School to complete the Saecha Clarke celebrity challenge Photo: Veronica Dodds

Ibarra 2513 750pxThis is what an Ally looks like—Jeffrey Photo: Norma Ibarra

Ibarra 2544 750pxBreana Geering rightfully secured points by completing her own celebrity challenge—manual while shotgunning a canned drink of choice Photo: Norma Ibarra

Ibarra 2470 750pxKid’s got bones—Clara Solar at Garfield High Photo: Norma Ibarra

Zorah Olivia WITCH HUNT 55 750pxTeam USA skateboarding stars Mariah Duran and Jenn Soto aren’t afraid to leave the TF Photo: Zorah Olivia

Zorah Olivia WITCH HUNT 54 750pxElena exhibiting quad strength that would make any Instagram workout celebrity jealous Photo: Zorah Olivia

Ibarra 2424 750pxUna couldn’t buy anything on this aisle, so she leapt over Poppy instead Photo: Norma Ibarra

Zorah Olivia WITCH HUNT 77 750pxThe Cardi B Celebrity challenge wasn’t an easy one! Photo: Zorah Olivia

KH DSC 1508 750pxMichael Mera from Montana burned Sage in honor of Sage Williams. What an angel Photo: Kylie Henson

KH DSC 1288 750pxSome may say it’s basic, but ollieing a Starbucks cup in Uggs was no small task for Tomi Allison Photo: Kylie Henson

Ibarra 2975 750pxJai showed off their fresh Alex White tribute tattoo which was worth 20 points for Team Sk8Bae Photo: Norma Ibarra

Ibarra 2699 750pxAfter a day of happy hunting, the teams turned in their score cards and took a chill pill while the Sage Williams Memorial Queer and Trans Skate Jam got crackin’ Photo: Norma Ibarra

Ibarra 2668 750pxSome rad allies like Ryan wheeled in 40 pizzas donated by Sizzle Pie Photo: Norma Ibarra

Ibarra 2737 750pxAdelaide kicked off the jam with a noseslide Photo: Norma Ibarra

Ibarra 2709 750pxMae rocked a quick boardslide Photo: Norma Ibarra

Ibarra 2799 750pxAfter the jam, everyone cruised to 35th North skateshop for a group photo show, Gnarhunters pop-up shop and Punk Rock Karaoke Photo: Norma Ibarra

WOF 10 olga Aguilar 18 750pxNora couldn’t believe that Courtney got a Sheckler tattoo on her back, scoring Team Yoda Babez ten points Photo: Olga Aguilar

Ibarra 2854 750pxEnough skating—let’s get back to the dance-party vibes Photo: Norma Ibarra

Ibarra 2824 750pxMosh pits are fun when there aren’t any dudes trying to grab your tits Photo: Norma Ibarra

Ibarra 2813 750pxAudrey, Breana, Nora and Poppy feel the “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” Hope to see you at next year’s Wheels of Fortune! Photo: Norma Ibarra


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