• Firing Line: Clive Dixon

    Firing Line: Clive Dixon
    This ender requires both quick feet and plenty of snap. Bail it and you gotta go back to square one. Sick line.
  • Firing Line: Milton Martinez

    Firing Line: Milton Martinez
    Milton leads a high speed attack on 3rd and Army, leaping from block to block before taking on the rocks.
  • Firing Line: Marius Syvanen

    Firing Line: Marius Syvanen
    If every town had angled ledges in a row like this, the world would be a better place.
  • Firing Line: TJ Rogers

    Firing Line: TJ Rogers
    His X2 Vision part is epic and here TJ ends his line with that precision ledge magic he's known for.
  • Firing Line: Dusty Yauilla

    Firing Line: Dusty Yauilla
    A wallride and a quick stance switch in the dead of night give you an idea of how Dusty likes to roll.
  • Firing Line: Dee Ostrander

    Firing Line: Dee Ostrander
    Dee navigates a narrow path and gets a couple of tricks in before he launches himself.
  • Firing Line: Corey Duffel

    Firing Line: Corey Duffel
    It's been a minute, but like seeing an old friend it's awesome to know Corey's still out there skating fast and attacking spots.
  • Firing Line: Matt Militano

    Firing Line: Matt Militano
    Two ledge tricks and a manual into a busy street, all with a nice sidewalk click-clack sound. Music to our ears.
  • Firing Line: Riley Hawk

    Firing Line: Riley Hawk
    Riley takes a long distance grind from beginning to end and makes it look easy. 
  • Firing Line: Bert Wootton

    Firing Line: Bert Wootton
    It's always cool to look around a spot and see different ways to expand a line. Bert adds dumpster-diving to this one.