AVE’s New Shoe: Vans in NYC

In celebration of AVE’s new shoe, the Vans crew came to New York for some city pushing and partying in the summer heat. We started the day at Tompkins Square Park, pushing down through the Lower East Side and over the bridge into Williamsburg, ending the day at Saint Vitus bar with drinks and live music. I followed along and captured the day while also taking the time to brush up on my skills and relearn the fundamentals of photography. –Jared Sherbert

Sherb Vans NYC 01 750pxThese guys decided to take over my room first thing in the morning

Sherb Vans NYC 02 750pxMy first look at AVE’s shoe. Tech, yet classic

Sherb Vans NYC 03 750pxHeaded over to the greatest city on the planet…

Sherb Vans NYC 04 750px…to skate the hottest park on the planet

Sherb Vans NYC 05 750pxBeatrice made it

Sherb Vans NYC 06 750pxIn the white joints

Sherb Vans NYC 07 750pxDiego’s breakfast

Sherb Vans NYC 08 750pxJustin showed up with a real New York breakfast

Sherb Vans NYC 09 750pxWhat up, Eli?

Sherb Vans NYC 10 750pxAVE and Eli taking their time before stepping out in the in sun

Sherb Vans NYC 11 750pxHmm… I think I’ll just watch

Sherb Vans NYC 12 750pxDiego setting off the can session

Sherb Vans NYC 13 750pxJustin goes straight to switch game. I’m still learning how to shoot skateboarding

Sherb Vans NYC 14 750pxDid you get the photo?

Sherb Vans NYC 15 750pxAVE, melting the can

Sherb Vans NYC 16 750pxJohnny gettin’ a piece

Sherb Vans NYC 17 750pxI’ll take two, please

Sherb Vans NYC 18 750pxProfessional skateboarder, Ben Kadow

Sherb Vans NYC 19 750pxSliding right in. I think I’m getting it down now

Sherb Vans NYC 20 750pxThese things are really light and comfy

Sherb Vans NYC 21 750pxOn to the next spot

Sherb Vans NYC 22 750pxThe ol’ pushing down a city street vibe

Sherb Vans NYC 23 750pxNew York AVE

Sherb Vans NYC 24 750pxI think he figured out what everyone eats here

Sherb Vans NYC 25 750pxGio sets it off with a little crookie

Sherb Vans NYC 26 750pxAndrew surfing off the end

Sherb Vans NYC 27 750pxAlright, boys, no skateboarding on the basketball courts

Sherb Vans NYC 28 750pxI had respect for officer DeJESUS, until…

Sherb Vans NYC 29 750px…he told AVE, “No eating sandwiches on the basketball court.” That didn’t go over well

Sherb Vans NYC 30 750px“Alright, guys, come on. He told you, ‘No eating sandwiches on the basketball court’”

Sherb Vans NYC 31 750pxCan we eat basketballs on the basketball court?

Sherb Vans NYC 32 750pxBeatrice has a mean jump shot. I think it’s the shoes

Sherb Vans NYC 33 750px We out

Sherb Vans NYC 34 750pxOver the bridge we go

Sherb Vans NYC 35 750pxAndrew loves NY

Sherb Vans NYC 36 750pxWear this shoe, get SOTY powers…

Sherb Vans NYC 37 750px…and look this good

Sherb Vans NYC 38 750pxFrank got a piece, pop shove tailgrab

Sherb Vans NYC 39 750pxAnd then we shot the cover for his rap album

Sherb Vans NYC 40 750pxOl’ Dirty Beatrice

Sherb Vans NYC 41 750pxBerle gettin’ a little back lippy action

Sherb Vans NYC 42 750pxThey look real nice worn in

Sherb Vans NYC 43 750pxAndrew and I wen’t on a rogue chicken-and-waffle mission

Sherb Vans NYC 44 750pxAnd then we walked through that door

Sherb Vans NYC 45 750pxGreeted by the strength—don’t cross these two

Sherb Vans NYC 46 750pxProfessional skateboarder Ben Kadow by day, professional DJ Ben K by night

Sherb Vans NYC 47 750pxDemand it

Sherb Vans NYC 48 750pxLet’s start the show

Sherb Vans NYC 49 750pxCANDY!

Sherb Vans NYC 50 750px
Sherb Vans NYC 51 750pxLettin’ loose after a big day on Wall Street

Sherb Vans NYC 52 750px
Sherb Vans NYC 53 750px Bruce Lee and Michael Jackson walk into a bar

Sherb Vans NYC 54 750pxPacked house

Sherb Vans NYC 55 750pxThe DJ and his posse

Sherb Vans NYC 56 750pxWait, it’s an open bar?

Sherb Vans NYC 57 750pxFuck, here we go

Sherb Vans NYC 58 750pxBar style

Sherb Vans NYC 59 750pxHere for a good time

Sherb Vans NYC 60 750pxWho dis?

Sherb Vans NYC 61 750pxThis Bud’s for you.

Sherb Vans NYC 62 750pxThe headliner, Quicksand

Sherb Vans NYC 63 750px
Sherb Vans NYC 64 750pxThese guys rip

Sherb Vans NYC 65 750pxTheir newest fan

Sherb Vans NYC 66 750pxThanks, Vans, for a great day of skating and music in the Big Apple! And congrats, AVE, on the new kicks!
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