Burger Boogaloo 2016 Photos

Burger Records took over Mosswood park in Oakland, CA, for their annual Boogaloo. The line-up was stacked, the sun was out and good times were had. Check out some photos here.


Photos: Jordan Joseffer



Standard festival attire



Amplified Heat



Metal Mike of the Angry Samoans





The Real Kids on the Tassel Castle stage



Thunderroads from Japan



Climbing the stacks and jumping off of them without missing a note



Then they brought out Fink and played a Teengenerate set



Traci Lords and John Waters. He introduced the bands which is fitting as he is a self-proclaimed old filthy punk



The Trashwomen



When it's too packed to get to the front, crawl across people's heads



Thee Oh Sees



Next up the dance and show band



The Mummies made a grand and epic entrance atop of the original Mummiesmobile with a full marching band



Then followed it up with an epic set



Giorgio Murderer



Tony Clifton got on the mic and made everyone really uncomfortable. For some reason he didn't make another appearance



The Flamin' Groovies





Chill nap spot



The Dwarves ripped it up on the Dirty Mouth stage





Terry and Louie



SOTY party alumni, Shannon and the Clams killed it



King Kahn and the Shrines





Seth Bogart closed out the festivities with one hell of a show

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