Burnout: Aloha Yacht Club

The Yacht moors on the amazing Hawaiian Isles, lucky us!

The view from our pad. Tampa it is not.

D Wrex, island vibes.

These guys. Lawyer already airing it out.

Al Davis cruises the perimeter. Long way from 'Natti!

Here we go ...

Straight to da tweak!

Da kine!

Chasin' the snake!

Really is amazing over there.

Soak it in, bruddah!

Scoping spots.

This thing. He flipped into it, too.

Cruisin' steel.

The ol' PSIKG. There's gonna be a video of all this stuff soon, by the way.

Kicky front board.

'Is that it?'

One hundred yards over ....

The time I climed into a tree to shoot 'Jah's second-story NBS.

Homoki shit.

Casual crunch.

'Nah, nah ...'

And the day's just getting started.

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