Burnout: Back to the Abyss

A couple years ago we hosted a big vert jam with our Monster and DC bros at their massive indoor ramp in Carlsbad - you know, the one Danny Way invents all his shit on! This time around we had another secret obstacle of death as well as a whole new crop of halfpipe rippers to meet. Video coming later today.

Prelim rumblings. Mad spooky in there.

A veritable Noah's Ark of radical. That thing is gigantic!

The AV Club, readying their weapons.

DJ Astleford, wheels-of-steel-wise.

Branding exercises. More on that later.

Phelper acquaints himself with the youth of today.

Nice shiner, Jagger!

Nucks with a junior Duffy.

On deck, Hatchell and Wilkins get ready.

Fresh blood, Trey Wood and Austin Poynter.  'Hold my helmet, babe ...'

Oh yes, it was going to be fun!

Well, somebody's gotta be first. Might as well be a Scando! Pontus Bjørn, European for lein.

Local boy, Alan Young, in a rare padded-up (and shirted) moment.

The other Reynolds - Heimana, saran wrapping oop-wise.

Poynter, tail boned.

Downstream Jagger worked his way up the extensions.

Marcelo Bastos, bonking in one of the more dangerous zones.

Sloan, pivoted.

PLG was coming back from an injury but still flexed local dominance.

Mercyful Fate shirt? You're beggin for it!

Hatchell, hatching an ollie.

Trey Wood, flip grab.

Another pad denier, Josh Stafford with that hurricane fakie.

Matched with the frontside 'cane?!! Jesus.

Phelper hyping the crowd, starting with Pierre.

Zack Miller, air apparent.

Spooky up in them rafters.

Chris Russell came in like a mad dog. Straight-leggin first run and shit.

My neighbor, Chris Gregson, nosedriving into the shoot.

This is the lowest ollie photos of Jimmy Wilkins you will ever see. I know, right?

Tom Schaar skates like 16-year-old Danny Way.

Body varial 540 flip grabs and shit!

No bones

Holy Shit! Moment #1 - Wilkins sugarcane on the tooth. You'll see the banger in the video.

I mean, jeeezus!

An actual maneuver.

Cory Juneau - bigger than Alaska heeflip indy!

Jagger, working on those switch McTwists over the ladder. How'd your photo turn out, Alex?

Juneau with a crucifix. Foreshadowing!!!


And then Russell got everybody revved up with the frontal onto the setback!

'Whattya want, an invite???'


Don't worry, he nailed it.

Phelper con rockers

and Canadians!

And then the secret obstacle of death!!! It was supposed to be an inverted cross but I guess the locals said it was too tall so they hacked it down so it ended up looking like a chubby iron cross, but fuck it.

Didn't stop Rune from sticking a nosegrind up that satanic sumbitch!

Wilkins on a smith.

Beckett on a 5-0 fly-off, among many maneuvers.

PLG gets crailly

Wilkins' frontside rock really tripped me out. I mean, think about it!

And then flames burst forth!! Again, we thought it was going to be more like gigantic spouts of fire but then realized we could burn the whole place down so they ended up looking more like birthday candles. I mean .... BIRTHDAY CANDLES FOR SATAN!!!!

Schaar floating through fire on that frontside 5-0 fakie.

Miller backside bonelessed it!

Lorifice, total disaster.


This thing again! Holy shitballs!

Wood, lein to smith. Fire.

Beckett ruled it. Slob fasty.

Rune feeling out a pick.

Did I tell you fuckin' Jake Brown was there! Going for broke at all times!!!

Elliot Sloan poached an egg on top of that fuckin thing.

Even getting a do-over for more excellent form!

Lizzie gives Satan's Extension the ol nah-nah.

And then Schaar laid it down.


We passed around ballots and everyone voted for each other. Wilkins snagged BEST TRICK with the disaster revert (not shown.)

Beckett won Best on the Cross with his wild array of moves. Nice one!

Russell earned Best Padless, no surprise.

Then got called back up immediately for Best Slam.

Hall of Meat Hall of Fame!

Beckett back up for Best Overall. Big night, Beckett!

And then Phelper's Choice went to Gregson, totally shredding sans Rectors all night long. Thanks for the dough, Monster!

The exit interviews - Vamp and Zack.

'You owe , Russell!'

Our guy.

Then Rowan gave a speech on behalf of all the street skaters in the room.

'Son, you ever met a real vampire before?'

Lizzie, kickstarting the puberty of unsuspecting boys.

Perelson, down - not out.

The Wreck and The Phelps!

They go way back.

Hosed again, Sloan! That egg was tops in my book!

Down on the floor, the industry titans plot the course. 'Looks like vert's back, boys!'

Speaking of Da Boys ...

With all the barneys cleared out, Lizzie got down with some stale eggs. Eggdrechts?

While Alysha seared the airspace.

Crazy where vert skating is right now. Totally awesome if you ask me.

Thanks for coming out, everybody, and thanks to DC, Monster, Danny Way, Colin and PLG for having us over! See you on the roll-out decks.