Burnout: Blockhead at 30

Thirty years of Blockhead. What better way to celebrate than a sesh at founder Dave Bergthold's latest version of the famous Blockhead Ramp?


DSC 5621Nestled deep within a secret O'Side canyon. 

Untitled Panorama1A work of art, really. 

DSC 5741Session already heating up, Svitak style!

DSC 5687Dave B., master craftsman. 

DSC 5684Rick J and Dan Rogers, always in the thick of things. 

DSC 5695Kevin B, Svitak and Markovich.

DSC 5697Jim Gray, gorilla in the mist. 

DSC 5689Do not adjust your time machine! That really is Chris Lambert!

DSC 5707Zack Grove, filling the gaps. 

DSC 5721Wray bros. Things are about to get HEAVY. 

DSC 5645Eye contact spine crossing. Kev's in the club. 

DSC 5652Grove, controlled stare down. 

DSC 5656Double concentration, Wray-wise. 

DSC 5658Dropped down feebs from Owens. Worthy fuckin' adversary, that guy. 

DSC 5663Dave looks like one of his graphics in this one! 

DSC 5682Enough of that foolishness, we've got a real athlete here!

DSC 5713Lambert's board was 11 inches wide, inexplicably. 

DSC 5730Markovich, dipping out. Nice to see you!

DSC 5745Never seen Laban rider before. Feeble dominance!

DSC 5753Who's this affectionate fella?

DSC 5754Wouldn't be a Blockhead reunion without Rickk!

DSC 5757Inadvertant coffin slam by the host!

DSC 5758Slo-mo destruction.

DSC 5762He was fine. Can't fade Blockhead Dave. 

DSC 5770Regular power team, these two. 

DSC 5779Jim Gray's hair is skating better than ever!

DSC 5780Laban, traditional nosegrab blaster. 

DSC 5782Cunningham barges the decks!

DSC 5785More Gray air time. Thought it was all layback lien to tail slides???

DSC 5789Diehl, tailgrabs dealt with. 

DSC 5791Rogers storms twilight. 

DSC 5793Jim's jam. 

DSC 5798Tight bros from way back!

DSC 5807Sorry about all those Prong jokes. 

DSC 5816Visual artist Ron Cameron mounts the ramp!

DSC 5839While Gray's airtime dominance continues.

DSC 5840Spine to bank Svitak attack!

DSC 5841What's cool? Spine plants, always. 

DSC 5842Nothing is impossible in Cameron's world. 

DSC 5878Group photo attempt number one!

DSC 5892Sometimes natural light is better. 

DSC 5900Creeping in for a closer look. Can you name all these legends of Blockhead?

DSC 5902Yep, that's Paul Luna, alright. Steve Teague, too. 

DSC 5911You're right. Partain IS missing. AND Omar. 

DSC 5922Oh nothing. 

DSC 5929The backbone of Blockhead. 

DSC 5935While this is maybe more the Mt Rushmore …

DSC 5940Lots of heavies went through that camp. 

DSC 5943Howard, Grove, Atwater. Wow!

DSC 5948Legends at dusk. This was right before the UFO. 

DSC 5950The custom memorabilia was to die for. 

DSC 5955'Did YOU steal my root beer?'

DSC 5957'Did my mustache show up?' Jonas foolishly inquired.

DSC 5965It was a Gray day, alright. 

DSC 5970Tempted to grab one and run off into the woods!

DSC 5975Later, at the gallery show. Did you think it was just the BBQ ramp jam?

DSC 5972O'side or no side. 

DSC 5973Frank to Wall. There it is!

DSC 5977So much amazing stuff!

DSC 5975Was this the first street board?

DSC 5981Trackers optional. 

DSC 5982Tons of original artwork. 

DSC 5985How sick is that pointy nose shape?

DSC 5994Made the paper!

DSC 5996If Rowan and his lady weren't born in the '90s, they would definitely have rode a Blockhead. 

DSC 5999K Marks and The Professor!

DSC 6002Holy grail – original Nothing Is Cool art. Jeezus!

DSC 6004Dan loves his children almost as much as he loves physical fitness … and boardslides. 

DSC 6006The Juice knows!

DSC 6008Sam Cunningham was there from beginning to end. 

DSC 6009All the boards were up. 

DSC 6010No way! Andy Brayman rode for Blockhead??

DSC 6011Weird times, the '90s. 

DSC 6012Early feeble for JJ Rogers. Wow!

DSC 6013Never seen that middle Omar. 

DSC 6014That skunk tho …

DSC 6015Shit got slick. 

DSC 6016Hardtimes boards were a hit. If we only knew how low it would go. 

DSC 6018Pretty epic spread! Dave B always does everything full blast. Thanks for the memories. 

DSC 5990See you in 30 more!



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