Burnout: Clay Day

Kreiner and crew grab some sky time, Weiss gets worked and Clay’s epic part premiers. Y’all seen that thing, right?!!

burnout clayDay 001 750pxIt was already Sky Time™ when I got there

burnout clayDay 002 750pxWeekend dads, rockers … everyone started showing up

burnout clayDay 003 750pxIt takes two people to properly cover Jerry Gurney

burnout clayDay 004 750pxOop from the seat

burnout clayDay 005 750pxCan Shea kick it? Yes. He can

burnout clayDay 006 750pxBeen messing with this 16-35mm lens. I like the distortion for some things. Looks like Kona in the '70s, kinda

burnout clayDay 007 750pxIt’s kinda cruddy for the most part, though

burnout clayDay 008 750pxAnyway, back to the action – Gregson goes lein

burnout clayDay 009 750pxDaymein trucked all the way from Valley Center to try his luck on the channel of death!

burnout clayDay 010 750pxOop stale, locals flexing

burnout clayDay 011 750pxTim with his custom filmer’s chair

burnout clayDay 012 750px Good ol’ BSNB

burnout clayDay 013 750pxEver seen Gurney with his glasses off? It’s trippy

burnout clayDay 014 750pxCasual handout, weed endorsement

burnout clayDay 015 750pxWeiss jumps into the fray, immediately blasting like it’s 1990 Toronto!

burnout clayDay 016 750pxKicky D. Gregson might be the best kickflip frontside guy in the biz

burnout clayDay 017 750pxAir on the peninsula

burnout clayDay 018 750pxDamn stigmata!

burnout clayDay 019 750pxThe ‘holy shit’ angle

burnout clayDay 020 750pxGetting reckless on the one-footer to fakie attempt (foreshadowing)

burnout clayDay 021 750pxFour wheels out

burnout clayDay 022 750pxUp to NBS. He does it all, I tell ya

burnout clayDay 023 750pxAnd then …

burnout clayDay 024 750pxYou ok, Bill?

burnout clayDay 025 750pxBill?!

burnout clayDay 026 750pxLater …

burnout clayDay 027 750pxNo, you’re not seeing things. That’s a metal plate already in there. Get well soon, Weiss!

burnout clayDay 028 750pxAs Bill got patched up, the rest of us needed a change of venue

burnout clayDay 029 750pxGurney eyes his line

burnout clayDay 030 750pxDumping it into the dirt, clean getaway

burnout clayDay 031 750pxAnd then the dreaded ‘one more…’

burnout clayDay 032 750pxJerry bites the dust

burnout clayDay 033 750pxHe loves it!

burnout clayDay 034 750pxJer?

burnout clayDay 035 750pxThat’s right! LOVES it!

burnout clayDay 036 750pxLater, out front of the brewery (‘cause Jerry’s not drinking)

burnout clayDay 037 750pxRan into some Summer Lovin’ from the Leabreses. You guys!

burnout clayDay 038 750pxInside … DJ Rock ’n’ Roll Longhairs!

burnout clayDay 039 750pxPlease, they’re working

burnout clayDay 040 750pxClay flew his folks out last minute. Welcome to Vista, Kreiners!

burnout clayDay 041 750pxWell wishers flock in

burnout clayDay 042 750pxA couple Macs. Nice!

burnout clayDay 043 750pxThe Risks made it!

burnout clayDay 044 750pxSee, it’s not so different from South Carolina

burnout clayDay 045 750pxBurnett Beanbag Action Imagery™

burnout clayDay 046 750pxThen look who’s alive … Bill leaves the ER to kick this thing off proper. Now THAT’S a brand manager

burnout clayDay 047 750pxDun, dun, dunnnnn!!!

burnout clayDay 048 750pxComplete pandemonium on last trick

burnout clayDay 049 750pxThe whole room went sideways!

burnout clayDay 050 750pxNothing like an editor’s embrace

burnout clayDay 051 750pxNice work boys! Nice work Tylre Wilcox! (not shown)

burnout clayDay 052 750pxPretty great time to be a catcher of air. Lincoln and Alex know

burnout clayDay 053 750px‘So … when’s your part gonna be done?’

burnout clayDay 054 750pxYou can imagine where it went from here
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