Burnout: Death Match NYC

The two-day tornado of rock, rap and radical known as the Thrasher Death Match whipped into the Big Apple recently with brain-scrambling maneuvers sharing space with hellacious pits – plus all the ferocity that names like Omar Hassan, The Gza, Kader Sylla, Gorilla Biscuits, Roman Pabich, Roc Marciano and Pedro Delfino conjure up. A Bill Thomas photo show offered a glimpse into NY skateboarding’s golden age and the whole thing was free! Where were you???

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 001 750pxStarting off calm. Daytime stroll through the Bill Thomas gallery

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 002 750pxIf there’s one thing we know it’s that kids love reading

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 003 750pxPlenty to trip on

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 004 750pxLocal luminaries showing up. Steve Brandi for instance

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 005 750pxPick your fave. You know Pete loves Sheff

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 006 750pxFrank with that NYC ‘tude

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 007 750pxTony and Cranny dissect the details

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 008 750pxA magazine nerd’s treasure chest, really

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 009 750pxSheffey. Everyone’s drawn to Sean Sheffey

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 010 750pxBring your shiniest doo rag, if you got one

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 011 750pxPriests were nailing it

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 012 750pxI like a band who knows the power of presentation

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 013 750pxFuckin’ dreamy

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 014 750pxMark Waters, our secret weapon behind the scenes

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 015 750pxOver to the ramp

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 016 750pxThe Muscle™, already in heavy rotation

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 017 750pxNot that the locals were slacking off

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 018 750pxNot hardly. Brayman’s Tex plants rang out all weekend long

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 019 750pxCedric with the wheel pick

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 020 750pxBust? Or bail ….

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 021 750px‘Cane fakes

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 022 750pxNosegrinding into Friday night like ..

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 023 750pxTouché sir!

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 024 750pxHeavy action on the extension

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 025 750pxGood ol’ chicken wing from Cooper Q

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 026 750pxIndy to fakie

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 027 750pxUp to sugarcane. Buster would be proud

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 028 750pxBut youth before beauty, as they say

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 029 750pxQuick trip to the patio section. Impromptu street style in progress



Boy Kong and his Death Match piece     Photo: Joseffer

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 030 750pxBen and Omar in the Golden Hour

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 031 750pxMore carb shenanigans from my fellow reducer. Stay strong, Frank!

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 032 750pxHunks: Landau and Vitello

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 033 750pxBack to work. Obstacle #1 gets set

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 034 750pxRainbow … of DEATH!!!

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 035 750pxCarve it, if you dare

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 036 750pxOr Smith it. Whatever your deal is

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 037 750pxCeddy crosses via flash ’n’ roll

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 038 750pxPoached egg from The Muscle

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 039 750pxOh snap!

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 040 750pxAlley-oop passage from Roman

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 041 750pxDuck and cover kf indy

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 042 750pxFinally, someone to bring some order to this endeavor …

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 043 750pxA sweaty surface had dudes slipping out all weekend

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 044 750pxDidn’t stop Hale tho

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 045 750pxSurfing excellence over the hole

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 046 750pxFeeble fakie

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 047 750pxYou better believe Ashley carved the crevasse

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 048 750pxOop 5-0 fakie, wow!

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 049 750pxMax Bristol, yanking out of the unthinkable nosepick revert

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 050 750pxIrie 5-0 vibes, so sick

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 051 750pxStepping lively into the abyss

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 052 750pxShit was going off. This face says it all

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 053 750pxThen Roman provides the show-stopping exclamation point with the nose-grab 540

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 054 750pxAnd Muscle with the bone-up frontal

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 055 750pxGoddamn right!

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 056 750pxCity Morgue is the kind of band parents hate

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 057 750pxTrue disturb-o shit!

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 058 750pxThe kids were going bananas for ‘em

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 059 750pxSorry mom!



Roc Marciano     Photo: Joseffer



Photo: Joseffer

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 060 750pxMeanwhile, back in the gallery Bill Thomas arrives! Bill worked for Thrasher from ’89 to around ’93 and captured the early age of NYC street skating. He was also an early photography mentor to me, gracefully helping me figure out my flashes when I was a struggling shutterbug in the mid ‘90s. Thanks Bill

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 061 750pxNYC heavyweights converge

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 062 750pxFor Pang and many more, shooting with Bill was their first time in the mags. Forever bound


GZA closed out night one with all the hits     Photo: Joseffer

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 063 750pxWrapping up Day 1 in the green room. Frecks!!!

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 064 750pxAnd children gambling!

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 065 750pxRoman wagers his best-trick cash. Plenty more where that came from for him

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 066 750pxGio wins big, Canadian style! Good way to end it

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 067 750pxDay 2 – the Rock n Roll day!

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 068 750pxEarly birds

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 069 750pxThanks for coming!

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 070 750pxFuck ICE. For life!

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 071 750pxPunky babes, everywhere …

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 072 750pxGood looking Schaaf right there

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 073 750pxThe fun is about to begin

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 074 750pxFrank! What did you order?!

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 075 750pxVans crew

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 076 750pxJust … one … slice. Oh Frank

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 077 750pxTight crew. Nice to meet y’all

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 078 750pxSome guys just got it, right?

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 079 750pxGaming zone

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 080 750pxMy new friends Beatrice and Dustin

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 081 750pxDustin learns the rules of this strange American game

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 082 750pxDon’t worry, Bea will teach you

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 083 750pxOh, you’re going up against J Lay and Leon?! Good luck!

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 084 750pxTyson breaks it down

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 085 750pxIs that a bracelet?

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 086 750pxDon’t worry, they’ll be on soon

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 087 750pxCool parental types

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 088 750pxYep

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 089 750pxWe should probably get back in there, right guys?

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 090 750pxSide pit, feeling cautious

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 091 750pxBrisk sales in the merch tent

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 092 750pxHalfpipe warming up again

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 093 750pxIs that Jake up there?

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 094 750pxTaking runs even

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 095 750pxTexas is part of America

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 096 750pxRapt audience

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 097 750pxBublitz, nailing

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 098 750pxOh, hey …

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 099 750px‘I know you, right?’

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 100 750pxThe recognition

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 101 750pxThe embrace

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 102 750pxInsider info

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 103 750pxGentle admonishment

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 104 750pxAnd ultimately … the directive

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 105 750pxWhen’s this thing starting?

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 106 750pxAttention!

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 107 750pxThe rules of the Death Match are explained. Basically, everyone drops in, last man standing wins

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 108 750pxNever quite sure how to shoot these things

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 109 750pxNot that they aren’t exciting

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 110 750pxAvoid each other, and the Phelper

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 111 750pxHa

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 112 750pxLook at him. He loves it!

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 113 750pxSome pump to the sides while others go whole hog

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 114 750pxDefending champ Roman got a little too tricky and lost his footing

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 115 750pxBut this dude … he tossed tricks out the whole time

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 116 750pxAnd was the last rider on four wheels!

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 117 750pxHow sweet it is

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 118 750pxBack to normal shredding. Delfino dips egg

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 119 750pxTGNG

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 120 750pxKader’s fastplants are rad

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 121 750pxIf I could do this, I would only do this

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 122 750pxAnd up

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 123 750pxSock hop, down for life

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 124 750pxAnd then …

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 125 750pxOur Chrysler Building tombstone!

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 126 750pxTaking that egg to the top

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 127 750pxFive feet of furious bonelessness

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 128 750pxCoop pulls the chute in heavy traffic

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 129 750pxNo dice

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 130 750pxSpicy Lu – his wallet, his motorcycle

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 131 750pxSkybox view. Packed house

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 132 750pxSweet decker from Roman

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 133 750pxCrowd view of the no-grab picker

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 134 750pxHuevo fantastico!

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 135 750pxStephen Brayman, back with the dreaded pivot to fakie

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 136 750pxPhelper approved!

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 137 750pxSpend it wisely, kid

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 138 750pxAs the clock wound down, it became clear that a showstopper was needed. Omar dug deep

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 139 750pxCedric up and across

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 140 750pxFlip, grab and hope

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 141 750pxMeanwhile, Roman battled the blunt pick

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 142 750pxSkeleton men, skittering

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 143 750pxKader steps to the Chrysler

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 144 750pxTuff stuff for a little guy

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 145 750pxPerfect catches ending in terrible slams

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 146 750pxFour wheels out!

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 147 750pxEverything but the victory ride

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 148 750pxIt was a battle for the ages

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 149 750pxWood only

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 150 750pxAnd then ….

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 151 750pxGreat success!

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 152 750pxThe crowd goes ape shit

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 153 750pxFives, all ‘round

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 154 750pxCollapsing off the side of the ramp. He was completely spent

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 155 750pxDon’t worry. He does this once a week. Omar Hassan will be just fine

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 156 750pxAnd then …. Roman’s revenge!

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 157 750pxComplete pandemonium

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 158 750pxYes!

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 159 750pxHe was just glad it was over

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 160 750pxAnd then, the sacking of Rome

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 161 750pxOne more trip to the calm of the photo gallery

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 162 750pxTwin towers: Bruno and Big Jim

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 163 750pxWish Coco coulda been there. Or anywhere

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 164 750pxNYC street skating forefathers

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 165 750pxStories for days

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 166 750pxBreaking it down for the boy

GBNYHC legends, Gorilla Biscuits      Photo: Joseffer

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 167 750pxCranny, feeling the love

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 169 750pxBackstage. Ugly Lui and Handsome Hassan

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 170 750pxThe Jay Jensens. Thanks y’all

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 171 750pxFuck yo’ everslick

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 172 750pxBlock party atmosphere out back

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 173 750pxGingers, Keith and Frecks

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 174 750pxFamily style

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 175 750pxYes!

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 176 750pxBald is beautiful

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 177 750pxOh, you thought Pang didn’t get a front?

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 178 750pxSweatpant foreshadowing

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 179 750pxYou can tell what time of the evening it is because nothing in this photo is in focus

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 180 750pxThen here’s where I really dropped the ball. A gnarly punch-up barreled past us! Fists swinging, chairs scattering! Here was my first photo

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 181 750pxThen this one. But then, right after that, one of the assailants walked right up to me as blood started pouring out of his forehead … and I froze. Coulda had the shot, but chickened out! So much for skate journalism … again

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 182 750pxAnyway, better to focus on the positive stuff. Like Vans and this killer crew right here and everyone who skated, hung out, helped and heckled to make this a super-fun event. We were kinda sweating it, but this thing turned out awesome

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 183 750pxAnd thanks to all the skaters of New York and the Northeast. You guys are tough. It was an honor

burnoutdeathMatchNYC 184 750px

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