Burnout: Flareshadowing

The Stay Flared mega-tour kicked off yesterday with a showdown at the Etnies park in beautiful Lake Forest, still America's safest city.

Parking lot BBQ at Sole Tech, semi-neutral ground.

Raven's crew posted up on the meet-n-greet, van-style.

It was, how you say, on.

Captains of cross-marketization, everywhere.

Diligent media types.

City Boys, Tilt Moders.

'I'm gonna team manage the fuckin' pants off this tour ...' Big Wheat says to himself, presumably.

Jet and Miner, my bros from the road.

Stay Flared New Gen .... we're gonna need 'em!

Smyth and Bird, lips pursed for 360-degree marketing success.

'Wanna roll?'

Pulling out all the stops to give these kids a show.

'You sure you don't need this, Jer? How old are you anyway?'

Meanwhile, over at the park - Leabres starts the sky time.

California demo crowds are notoriously tough, what with their unfettered access to Jordan Hoffart and T-Puds and whatnot, but Leo was gonna make it happen.

Don't worry. They'll be smiling soon.

Just you fuckin' wait.

Big Fig, up the Euro ledge.

Collin, NBS plop.

Riley hit the ground runnin'.

Just a little skate talk, no big deal.

Chris Casey is gonna MC this one, though Meza may come in here and there for commentary.

Boss, back decker.

FSBS off the E!

Mikey made it!

All eyes on the L Man as he goes for that coast-to-coast nose.

Even his falls are elegant!

'Shoulda had this at Channel ...'

Rickk - enter the manual!

Stevie sparks the Euro gap.

Vince, already sweatin'!

Montry drop by Raven.

Jeremy with a one-shoot, one-kill nollie front crooks. Wow!

Sebo on nollie flip.

Stevie, in the bone zone.

Spider, Cab.

Romero's Route?!

Head dipped for the corkscrewed make!

Mikey on that Hokus Pokus back lip.

Herm, cruzing a casual frontside biggie.

There we go!

Followed by K Long's frontside flip.

Oop-5-0 drop.

Meanwhile, in the tent.

Connecting with your core audience, that's the best part.


Leo really goes for it on these things. Kickflip 5-0.

Bring your newborn kitten, if you got one.

High speed and switch, the Vinsanity calling cards!

Later, in the deep end.

Raven and the boys, goin' big guns.

Vadar's helmet-wise, blast-off.


If I could catch air like that, I'd never leave the park!

Meanwhile, Rick cracks an egg in the Turnip. Nice.

Back to Casey's shenanigans.

Stay Flared board up for grabs, only minor humiliation required. Note Water's face in the reflection - forever a strong force behind the scenes.

Push-up challenge.

'I SAID all the way down !!!!'

Gonna be a long summer. See you guys soon!

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