Burnout: Joisey

The Vans wrecking crew gets rad in the land of Groholski.

20160721 0001Made it to a street spot. Glick gets amongst it

20160721 0002Tour update: Gilbert's here

20160721 0003The Shredmaster trippin' on this amazing spot

20160721 0004A professional's gaze

20160721 0005Knock your shoe off!

20160721 0006You can imagine where Glick took it from here

20160721 0007A company man tried to kick us out, ultimately won over by Dill's charm (and some promo T's)

20160721 0008Justin Henry collapses after another mind-scrambling trick in the Africa-like heat (not shown)

20160721 0009Whewww!

20160721 0010Yep, this is gonna work out just fine

20160721 0011Old-guy spot check with J Hart

20160721 0012The place Mike V skates in Public Domain

20160721 0013Very light sessioning these days

20160721 0014Got us sparked to watch the part right there and then

20160721 0015Some valuable history for the kids

20160721 0016Yep, nothing young people love more than being told what happened 10 years before they were born

20160721 0017Suburban skate track was closed, opened especially for the event

20160721 0018Like a roller rink, kinda

20160721 0019But with berms and shit

20160721 0020But yeah, kinda like a goddamn roller rink

20160721 0021J Lay skies the triangle, as is his m.o.

20160721 0022Shredmaster with the quick up, 360 off

20160721 0023Jam up on the QP

20160721 0024Some well-orchestrated doubles with J Lay and the Shredmaster

20160721 0025
20160721 0026
20160721 0027
20160721 0028There we go!

20160721 0029The Shredmaster has resurrected damn near all the tricks from the 1990 NSA mini-ramp finals, which he performs with amazing aplomb

20160721 0030Tyson, FSKFD

20160721 0031Even classic Andy Mac showstoppers have found purchase in his repertoire. Amazing times!

20160721 0032Body jar

20160721 0033Boneless

20160721 0034Ollie oop

20160721 0035And a teeth-chattering 360 flip to fakie!

20160721 0036This hippie can ROLL!

20160721 0037Locals in the fray, bonelesswise

20160721 0038Tim O'Connor?!! 43 skidoo!

20160721 0039Fun had by all, as they say

20160721 0040Of all the skate tracks, this one is easily in the top 300

20160721 0041Inking up by the van

20160721 0042Get your baby signed, if you got one

20160721 0043Yes!

20160721 0044Best looking couple at the demo

20160721 0045You guys look good too

20160721 0046Damn you Puig!!!

20160721 0047Jason Dill – just another skater in the line up

20160721 0048The nose manual nollie flip wold be his!

20160721 0049Yep, just another thrasher

20160721 0050Thanks for comin' out y'all

20160721 0051See you next summer!

20160721 0052'So uhmmm, Starbucks?'

20160721 0053And now the real session begins.


20160721 0054

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