Burnout: Karl's Friend Rick

Karl's Friend Rick

You've seen the amazing video, now it's time to delve deeper into the Kyle Frederick story, or at least as deep as an email interview done this morning can go, which is still mildly deep. 

 Burnout: Karl's Friend Rick

Post-slam pose down. Gotta get that light leak fixed.

'Two Kyles was just confusing!'

How did you get the nickname Karl?

It all started many moons ago when you accidentally called me Karl the first time we skated together. Then about two or three years ago we started hanging out with Kyle Walker a bunch and two Kyles was just confusing  All the homies started calling me Karl instead and it sure has caught on.

Can you list the various Instagram names you've had over the years please. What have you finally settled on?

@kylefrederick69 @goldenboy69 @karlsfriendrick. Currently runnin' @kylefrederick but I still got @karlsfriendrick in safe keeping. Might bring it back soon.

Burnout: Karl's Friend Rick

Once Karl got airborne, it's like you can't keep him out of it!

How did you start skating? What was your first good board?

I started skating cause my older brother wanted to start skating. We got Christmas completes on Christmas morning when I was 8 or 9. He got a Rick Howard Girl board and I'm pretty sure I got an ATM click board.

Where you from and what was it like growing up skating there?
I'm from the 'burbs outside of Philadelphia. Spent alot of time skating the curb out in front of my house and a little kicker as a quarter pipe.  It was was around 10th grade when my friends and I would skate every day - skippin' school to skate Love, runnin' from cops. Shit was sick.  Every December through February though we would be forced indoors cause its freezing outside. Never bummed though. The park was always a blast and filled with all the homies. It was the perfect place to grow up.

How far back do you and Chris Cole go? What is your earliest memory of him?

I remember him skating this little parking lot set up in my homie's neighborhood when I was like 13 or 14. He was fuckin' it up ! But we started kickin' it a lot when I was 18.

Burnout: Karl's Friend Rick
Burnout: Karl's Friend Rick

He wanted to take it to the end, but there's only so many near-death experiences you can ignore before you settle for 3/4 of the way.

What happened the first time you came out to California in 2005?

First trip to the West was tight. Was accompanied by Chris Cole, skated every day, met a lot of awesome people, shot some photos with you, and you called me Karl. It was a solid 10 days!


'It sucks to wake up early and working means you're not skating and that sucks harder.'


Burnout: Karl's Friend Rick

Was that a 5-0? It seemed like a 5-0! Karl at Frost in 2005.

Why did you go back East? And what did you do there?

That was still home at the time. I worked a part time job and skated a bunch for like 2 years before starting a 4-year apprenticeship program for local 401 ironworkers in Philadelphia.

What are the pros and cons of working a real job?

Good wage, some pride and responsibility. It sucks to wake up early and working means you're not skating and that sucks harder.

Did you have any close calls working with all that steel?

Nothin' too crazy. Still more skateboarding injuries for sure.

Another one from 2005. Switch 360 with a dodgy missing frame. What? He made it!

Did you ever actually quit skating?

I don't really know. Work and school took up a shitload of time, but I would skate when I could. It wasn't a lot though.
What made you decide to come back to California and give it another shot?

Work was kinda slow for a few months and I was skating a lot more. I had just graduated school when Chris hit me up about Omit. The timing was right.
So when you came back out were you automatically on Mystery and  DC?

Not exactly, but it didn't hurt that I was good friends with Cole and Ian Berry the Mystery T.M. at the time.

Did you have an official job living a Black Box? How did that work out?
Just sweep up the park and take the trash out. Pretty mellow.

Burnout: Karl's Friend Rick

Just reach out and touch it!

What were the high and low points of living at Black Box? 

I mean the only low point was the line at the bathroom at times, having to kick people out and when people would skate early as hell. But the high points … shit. We had a lot of fun living there. Being able to skate whenever you want. Pretty much do whatever ya want. Getting a noise complaint was impossible! Skating with all amazing skateboarders that lived in the Carlsbad area. Definitely unforgettable.

Talk about some of the inventions you came up with while living there.

Just a drift trike, some bed awnings on some pulleys  and a grip of r/c car ramps.

 Who are the worst roommates you ever had there?

Kirby was kinda rough to live with but that's water under the bridge.

What was the most awkward time you ever had having to kick someone out of the park? 

It might have been kicking out Danny Way's son? Kicking people out was so shitty!

'One day I backside ollied and noticed my hand near my tail. It was kinda love at first sight.'

Burnout: Karl's Friend Rick
Nollie 5-0 on The Tank.

Burnout: Karl's Friend Rick

Did anybody ever make love on any of the skate obstacles?
Maybe Eddy on the euro gap and maybe Dom on the vert ramp, but those are maybes.
What was the craziest shit that ever went down in there?

We kept it pretty mellow for the most part. Some kid fell though the ceiling trying to get from the deck of the vert ramp to the park which is impossible. It sounded like like someone crashed into the building! Homie was a'ight though, covered in light bulb and white dust and probably a hipper!

Describe your sleeping schedule. What's the latest you've ever slept in?

I mean, shit, our room didn't have windows so I could sleep through some shit. Maybe 3 pm but who hasn't?

How did you get so into skating transition all of a sudden and what is your love of the seatbelt air? 

Skating those perfect QP's at Black Box for sure. They used to kick my ass so I dedicated a lot of time to 'em. Goin' on trips too, skating a ton of awesome parks around the country  It's what I have the most fun on lately.  And that weightless feeling! As for the seatbelt, one day I backside ollied and noticed my hand near my tail. It was kinda love at first sight.

Burnout: Karl's Friend Rick

'Square tail 8.5 in the back, 8.75 up front by 33 long. She's a beaut!'

Burnout: Karl's Friend Rick

Neither of these is the seatbelt, but you get the idea.

How was moving out of the skate park?

Sad times but the new casa is amazing.

What's that board you ride? How big is that thing?

Square tail 8.5 in the back, 8.75 up front by 33 long. She's a beaut!

When you heard Dane was going to grind that rail in Philly did you think it was possible?

Hell no. That was bananas!

What's something that you know about Dane that might surprise people?

 Hes' a sweetheart and he loves the Cheesecake Factory.
Where are you living now? How's it going so far?

Up in the LBC now. Its a good time!

Burnout: Karl's Friend Rick
Burnout: Karl's Friend Rick

Karltech 3000. Nollie heel back lip.

Who are those girls that are always getting their butts out in the pool?

Those are the good homies Trina and Kelly.

I heard one of them even took a dump over the back wall. Is there any truth to this?

I was on a trip so I'm not a live witness but I think Ant stepped in it when I got home.
I've seen all these videos of you riding motorcycles around the neighborhood. How can you live in a city and ride motorcycles like that? I even saw you popping wheelies on the beach! Where is this happening? Have you gotten into any trouble yet?

The cops didn't like when we were on the beach but they don't seem to mind anywhere else. Neighbors were bummed for a bit but we just don't ride close to the house.

'Come home Ishod!'

Burnout: Karl's Friend Rick

No-touch nosegrind for Colt Cannon in HB.
What's the closest call you had on your motorcycle and who's the best at riding motorcycles over there?

I think I have the most experience, but Dane isn't afraid to try anything.

What's your wheelie record?

Maybe like a 1/4 mile or so.
How is the Skater of the Year as a roommate? 

He hasn't been here that much but he's the best. Come home Ishod!

Burnout: Karl's Friend Rick

Old roomies, newish tattoo.


'I've been skating for the love my whole life, but I would love to turn pro some day. That would be unreal!'

So tell us about this video part. What's the story?

It's some older stuff from when I was filming for the Mystery video with some new stuff from the summer.
Wasn't there a problem where you couldn't use some of your footage because of the gear you were wearing?

I filmed a good amount of VX footage like 3 years ago but I kinda hate most of it, yeah.
I notice you've mixed up a lot of different kinds of tricks in this thing. For instance, you've got early grab 360s down Rincon mixed with technical rail tracks. How would you describe your overall skate style these days? 
Pretty random I suppose. Just keep it diverse. That's the beauty of skateboarding. You can do whatever!

What happened with Mystery and DC and who are you riding for?

I dunno. The DC team is pretty stacked and Black Box was kinda fallin' apart. Startin' pretty fresh. Still Thunder flow and rollin on Spittys!

Are you skating for the love or are you looking to get sponsored and turn pro?

I've been skating for the love my whole life, but I would love to turn pro some day. That would be unreal!

Burnout: Karl's Friend Rick

Not a lot of fools hippy twisting Rincon. Nobody else, actually.

When will you know it's time to move back to Philly and do ironwork again?
It could be close, but I have no idea 

What advice would you give a young person who wants to become the next Kyle Frederick?

'Don't be an asshole and don't yo flip!'