Burnout: Kyle Walker Day

Oklahoma City honored their favorite son by naming July 21, 2017 "Kyle Walker Day," just in time for the Scorchin' Summer tour to pull into town. G Herbo was there too!

burnout KWD 001 7650pxFull regalia

burnout KWD 002 750pxYep, something definitely feels different here

burnout KWD 003 750pxFestive!

burnout KWD 004 750pxOklahoma winds and streamers don't exactly go together, but it was a dramatic effect

burnout KWD 005 750pxAlmost provided a little shade even. It was 102 degrees at 6 pm

burnout KWD 006 750pxGather 'round, everybody!

burnout KWD 007 750pxThe Vice Mayor meets the SOTY

burnout KWD 008 750pxHe was cool

burnout KWD 009 750pxEveryone's feeling pretty proud of Kwalks

burnout KWD 010 750pxThe proclamation!

burnout KWD 011 750pxOfficial and everything

burnout KWD 012 750pxAnd then the Condor jumps in for a quick selfie! Not too shabby!

burnout KWD 013 750pxAlways gracious, Mat Hoffman said a few kind words about Kyle.

burnout KWD 014 750px'Thanks y'all!'

burnout KWD 015 750pxKyle and the whole crew. Congrats!

burnout KWD 016 750pxLeft everyone with a good feeling

burnout KWD 017 750pxStoked to see one of their own go so far

burnout KWD 018 750pxReal nice

burnout KWD 019 750pxTight skate scene in OKC

burnout KWD 020 750pxAmazing

burnout KWD 021 750pxAhem …

burnout KWD 022 750px'Oh yeah, are we supposed to do a demo or something?'

burnout KWD 023 750pxThe sizzling concrete awaits!

burnout KWD 024 750pxDan Lu, straight to the ol' BSNBS

burnout KWD 025 750pxPacked house

burnout KWD 026 750pxWu Keeper: ready!

burnout KWD 027 750pxAVE's just glad nobody thought to do an Anthony Van Engelen day last year

burnout KWD 028 750pxTable work

burnout KWD 029 750pxLocals, amongst it, as it should be

burnout KWD 030 750pxCrockett brings the heat, and the shorts

burnout KWD 031 750pxFrontside shove (not shown) to manual – first try!

burnout KWD 032 750pxNo baby tables in OKC. This thing was a chunk

burnout KWD 033 750pxBerle battled the impossible nose drive like it was last day to film

burnout KWD 034 750pxNext thing you know the Oklahoma City Thunder Drum Line showed up to hype the sesh!

burnout KWD 035 750pxSerious percussion

burnout KWD 036 750pxBizarre but rad

burnout KWD 037 750pxGotta absorb the local culture

burnout KWD 038 750pxThey were definitely fired up

burnout KWD 039 750pxNot that anyone needed help temperature wise. Seriously the hottest demo I've ever been to

burnout KWD 040 750pxNever one to rest, K Walks slices through the fakie 5-0 fake flip

burnout KWD 041 750pxRowan with the p-flip nose

burnout KWD 042 750pxLocal boosterism

burnout KWD 043 750pxNeed some air time at your demo? You could do a lot worse than J Lay!

burnout KWD 044 750pxSerious showman

burnout KWD 045 750pxCab back tail. Top shelf demo offering

burnout KWD 046 750pxNollie Barley? Narley!

burnout KWD 047 750pxThanks for making it out, Jim!

burnout KWD 048 750pxTons of shredders in OKC

burnout KWD 049 750pxSolid impossible

burnout KWD 050 750pxThe other OK Walker. Yeah, Clint!

burnout KWD 051 750pxFrank takes a moment out from running the tour to bust a classic NYC backside nollie flip. Probably learned those on the 'Banks

burnout KWD 052 750pxWhahh!

burnout KWD 053 750pxAll pretty mind-blowing

burnout KWD 054 750pxI know the media was fired up

burnout KWD 055 750pxAlmost time for best trick with the locals. Or at least mildly sunburnt

burnout KWD 056 750pxFrank and Chopper, the dudes who smooth out all the bumps. Thanks, fellas

burnout KWD 057 750pxCooled down to 97. Time for a little meet n greet

burnout KWD 058 750pxWe made some tribute shirts for the occasion. Kyle's dad was cool with it

burnout KWD 059 750pxGolden hour. Time to shoot portraits!

burnout KWD 060 750pxNo time for slipping'

burnout KWD 061 750pxWhat's good for the goose …

burnout KWD 062 750pxJust some of the good-looking' OKC skate scene

burnout KWD 063 750px
burnout KWD 064 750px 
burnout KWD 065 750px
burnout KWD 066 750px
burnout KWD 067 750px
burnout KWD 068 750px
burnout KWD 069 750px
burnout KWD 070 750px
burnout KWD 071 750px

burnout KWD 072 750px
burnout KWD 073 750px
burnout KWD 074 750pxAlmost feeling tropical by this point

burnout KWD 075 750pxJason Jessee fans, everywhere

burnout KWD 076 750pxAlways on my mind

burnout KWD 077 750pxGet in here. It's almost over

burnout KWD 078 750pzxCool down

burnout KWD 079 750pxJus' chillin'

burnout KWD 080 750pxKeepsakes, signed

burnout KWD 081 750pxAVE'll autograph it

burnout KWD 082 750pxBlock party vibes

burnout KWD 083 750pxFamily style

burnout KWD 084 750pxCall the crew

burnout KWD 085 750pxDFL double down

burnout KWD 086 750px'He stopped before he finished the goat 'cause he was worried he'd fuck it up. I respect him for that.'

burnout KWD 087 750pxHart and Peterson: future's so bright

burnout KWD 088 750pxThanks for coming out!

burnout KWD 089 750pxGators and Yorkies? Yes!

burnout KWD 090 750pxBring your infant, if you got one

burnout KWD 091 750pxThanks, kids

burnout KWD 092 750pxFun: saved

burnout KWD 093 750pxThanks, Walkers!

burnout KWD 094 750pxThen everyone started to get that Friday Night Fever

burnout KWD 095 750pxYou know what I mean

burnout KWD 096 750pxGTWYC!

burnout KWD 097 750pxOr pace yourself …

burnout KWD 098 750pxYes, a little pacing never hurt anyone

burnout KWD 099 750pxSee. Nothin' wrong with a sensible sip

burnout KWD 100 750pxJamie gets into the super soakers

burnout KWD 101 750pxReady!

burnout KWD 102 750pxThe Clint Walkers become early victims

burnout KWD 103 750pxNot that anyone minded, hot as balls as it was

burnout KWD 104 750pxDan Lu, full tube

burnout KWD 105 750pxIt got serious fast

burnout KWD 106 750pxMatt B, showing damage

burnout KWD 107 750pxNobody could mess with Cody though

burnout KWD 108 750pxAt least as long as these guys could remember they were on his team!

burnout KWD 109 750pxEventually the water ran out

burnout KWD 110 750pxAnd fools started putting other liquids in those things

burnout KWD 111 750pxYep, pretty incredible KW Day. But the blazing hot skate session, drum line, free pizza, T-Shirts and water balloon fight was only the beginning …

burnout KWD 112 750pxThat's right – because providing the evening's entertainment was a free show by hip-hop sensation G-Herbo! Tyson was flipping out, so I suspect many of you would have been as well!

burnout KWD 113 750pxThe Diamond Ballroom was air conditioned and looking great after a hard day at the park

burnout KWD 114 750pxThe Wall of Fame!

burnout KWD 115 750pxWhat I wouldn't do to have been at that Buck Owens/ Wanda Jackson gig …

burnout KWD 116 750pxI'm sure we all feel like that from time to time. Nah, hip-hop runs OKC and these kids were ready!

burnout KWD 117 750pxHip-hop juice

burnout KWD 118 750pxSecret Birdhouse video clips. Don't ask!

burnout KWD 119 750pxDefinitely good vibes

burnout KWD 120 750pxThe flow team made it out too!

burnout KWD 121 750pxHard

burnout KWD 122 750pxNo prompting required

burnout KWD 123 750pxJust mad affectionate I guess

burnout KWD 124 750pxFans young ...

burnout KWD 125 750pxAnd young at heart came out

burnout KWD 126 750pxLocal legends included

burnout KWD 127 750pxDamn!

burnout KWD 128 750pxFriend of Clint's

burnout KWD 129 750pxNice to meet you!

burnout KWD 130 750pxOk, almost time

burnout KWD 131 750pxWait! Is this it?

burnout KWD 132 750pxOh yes. It is time!

burnout KWD 133 750pxG Herbo bounded out

burnout KWD 134 750pxThough briefly feigning pessimism as to whether the hip-hop fans of OKC could handle the intensity of his performance ...

burnout KWD 135 750pxComplete with authentic looks of doubt ..

burnout KWD 136 750pxThe crowd quickly proved that they were indeed 'ready for this'

burnout KWD 137 750pxAnd soon it was on

burnout KWD 138 750pxAttacking the mic!

burnout KWD 139 750pxThe place exploded!

burnout KWD 140 750px
burnout KWD 141 750px
burnout KWD 142 750px
burnout KWD 143 750px
burnout KWD 144 750pxI don't have a lot of particularly good hip-hop adjectives, but everyone seemed to be having a really good time – singing along and freaking out

burnout KWD 145 750pxLadies up front

burnout KWD 146 750pxAs further evidence of my unsuitability to report on hip-hop and photograph live music in general …

burnout KWD 147 750pxYou will notice that THIS is the only portion of this photograph which is actually in focus

burnout KWD 148 750pxBut back to Herb

burnout KWD 149 750pxTotally killed it

burnout KWD 150 750pxBy the end of the night he'd definitely won over a few new fans as well

burnout KWD 151 750pxTyson and G Herbo – from one rising star to another!

burnout KWD 152 750pxFrom there it got way drunkier

burnout KWD 153 750pxExhibit A: nobody in focus in this one

burnout KWD 154 750pxFrank's sobriety was the only thing that saved us

burnout KWD 155 750pxYou can imagine where it went from here. Thanks Oklahoma City, the city of Moore, OK, G Herbo, the Walker family, Mat Hoffman and especially all the skaters of OKC and beyond who made this such an exciting, fun and unique day. See you all next year!

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