Burnout: Lou’s Shoe

Louie Lopez has been shredding since he was literally a tiny, tiny child. The fact that he’s had to wait this long for a signature shoe is a testament to just how special this kind of thing can be, under the right circumstances. This was one of the good ones.

burnout lousShoes 01 750pxA cryptic message led us to a pop-up something or other deep in the cuts

burnout lousShoes 02 750pxA hah! A custom-made skatepark, capturing all the spirit of the Louie Lopez experience. Dolan Stearns went straight for some sky time, this angle really showcasing the mustache …

burnout lousShoes 03 750pxWhile this vertical shot hones in on the amplitude. Great to see you, dude!

burnout lousShoes 04 750pxStellar signage but somehow something seems missing …

burnout lousShoes 05 750pxOh yeah! There it is!

burnout lousShoes 06 750pxAnd THE MAKE! This Ryan Townley is one wall-walking animal!

burnout lousShoes 07 750pxNew Cons pro Alexis Sablone (that’s right!) straight to biz, kf style

burnout lousShoes 08 750px‘Whattya think of the park?’

burnout lousShoes 09 750px‘Pretty fuckin’ WICKED, right??!’

burnout lousShoes 10 750pxTom Adult, feeling it out

burnout lousShoes 11 750pxRaney was there, making quick work of the Lucero curb

burnout lousShoes 12 750pxKicky fifty, jus’ like at the goddamn Extreme Games

burnout lousShoes 13 750pxHere he is! Sliding into his home park … and there’s that shoe!

burnout lousShoes 14 750pxAnd … to fakie

burnout lousShoes 15 750pxBerman feels the Kodak curse. Sorry, hemmy

burnout lousShoes 16 750pxHigh speed double axle affair

burnout lousShoes 17 750pxScraped out

burnout lousShoes 18 750pxMighty was ripping the place a new stoke hole. Nollie lein, if you can picture that

burnout lousShoes 19 750pxAnd Dolan, back in the fray with a Buddy Carr slash back. Must be nice

burnout lousShoes 20 750pxWhy is Alex Papke Thrasher’s most valuable contributor, you may ask?

burnout lousShoes 21 750pxBecause he will do WHATEVER IT TAKES to get the fuckin’ shot. Straddling Bones Brigaders? Doesn’t even think twice

burnout lousShoes 22 750pxA human bridge, with the crowd as Billy Goat Gruff

burnout lousShoes 23 750pxHe may have even gotten the shot! Keep up the good work, Al

burnout lousShoes 24 750px Another good shoe image. Tight, right?

burnout lousShoes 25 750pxThis was a kickflip. I know!

burnout lousShoes 26 750pxBig Rob from Saint Pedro, making up for lost time … on the lip

burnout lousShoes 27 750pxThen Tom started his foolhardy fly out to the wall

burnout lousShoes 28 750pxOk, so the on-site fire marshall (left) was totally freaked out by the skateboarding, so much so that he wouldn’t even let parents bring their own children into the building lest they be placed in imminent peril. Soon after this massive ollie by Louie (coincidence?) he decided that there was no way in hell the guests were going to be allowed to consume a single drop of the hundreds of cans of beer that Cons had provided and, in fact, decided to bar the door and prevent anyone else from even entering the building. Total Nervous Nelly, this dude

burnout lousShoes 29 750pxRobbie don’t drink anyway. Too busy deckin’ ‘em

burnout lousShoes 30 750pxVargas with the good ol’ grabbing frontside pivot to fakie. Did Jeff Phillips invent that? Discuss among yourselves

burnout lousShoes 31 750pxHoly shit! Talk about show stoppers, Tom pounded the wall many, many times before eventually finding the power line

burnout lousShoes 32 750pxNice capper for the skate portion of the night!

burnout lousShoes 33 750pxTime for me to mingle. Frank looking New Year’s fresh and Kenny layered AF!

burnout lousShoes 34 750pxThe D. Stearns. Nice!

burnout lousShoes 35 750pxAnt and Lannie catch a piece of the star

burnout lousShoes 36 750pxShow the merchandise!

burnout lousShoes 37 750pxBig Thirst and ‘Toya, LA lifers

burnout lousShoes 38 750pxRusso, Collins and La Croix

burnout lousShoes 38.5 750pxMidwest retailers of the world, unite and take over

burnout lousShoes 39 750pxThe Bereseses

burnout lousShoes 40 750pxD Vargas, hella afterglow

burnout lousShoes 41 750pxGinger and Mason, sweet kids

burnout lousShoes 42 750pxThe one-two punch, Lopez and Lee

burnout lousShoes 43 750pxYep, more surprises on the way, Mason

burnout lousShoes 44 750pxTom feels the love after that wall battle

burnout lousShoes 45 750pxSablone opts for the single puffy covering

burnout lousShoes 46 750pxFull gallery in the back. Whoah! Is that a blunt slide??

burnout lousShoes 47 750pxNope. They took all the beer

burnout lousShoes 48 750pxGood thing they can’t stop rock n roll. Not with DJ Nuge, anyway

burnout lousShoes 49 750pxDimmed the lights for the big video

burnout lousShoes 50 750pxAn inspirational joint and then Louie’s recent Mexico trip (coming soon to the ol’ Thrasher site)

burnout lousShoes 51 750pxFollowed by a speech from the big cheese Russ Pope

burnout lousShoes 52 750pxGet up there, Double L!

burnout lousShoes 53 750pxCommemorative shoe, but wait there’s more? Louie seems skeptical

burnout lousShoes 54 750pxThat’s right! A new car!

burnout lousShoes 55 750pxA ’64 Thunderbird, to be exact. Holy shit!

burnout lousShoes 56 750pxDamn straight you get a hug for that

burnout lousShoes 57 750pxIs this the first time a pro got a car? At least since Smolik got that Suburban from Shorty’s?

burnout lousShoes 58 750pxAnyway, hella tight. And more importantly, Louie seemed stoked

burnout lousShoes 59 750pxHe really is one of the nicest, raddest, most humble dude on four wheels

burnout lousShoes 60 750pxTry it out!

burnout lousShoes 61 750pxYep

burnout lousShoes 62 750pxOk, get back outta that thing! The fire marshall’s bugging again!

burnout lousShoes 63 750pxThe afterglow

burnout lousShoes 64 750pxA family affair. Always with Louie

burnout lousShoes 65 750pxGrandpa checks the merchandise

burnout lousShoes 66 750pxCongrats Louie! You more than earned it

burnout lousShoes 67 750pxBack out in the streets. Uber line for days

burnout lousShoes 68 750pxYou can imagine where it went from here…

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