Burnout: Mad Doggin'

Tony Alva invented the frontside air, the skater attitude and maybe even the dirt ‘stache. It’s about time he got his own documentary! OC’s glitterati converged for the very special premier of The Tony Alva Story.

Mad Doggin 00 750pxNewport Beach, the jewel of the OC

Mad Doggin 01 750pxVans brass. They’re the ones who foot the bill on this masterpiece, after all

Mad Doggin 02 750pxHere we go …

Mad Doggin 03 750pxHitting the line. First up: Pope Skates homies

Mad Doggin 04 750pxBring your planks, if you got ‘em!

Mad Doggin 05 750px‘When are they making that Variflex doc??!’ all the young people want to know

Mad Doggin 06 750pxFirst lieutenants in the Grosso Army. We salute you!

Mad Doggin 07 750pxTight, tight …

Mad Doggin 08 750pxHandsome surf fams, everywhere

Mad Doggin 09 750pxAlva and Alba are actually the same name. Discuss among yourselves

Mad Doggin 10 750pxAnd … the Director! Congrats, Mothra!

Mad Doggin 11 750pxFilmmakers Buddy and Rick, barside with the legendary Ray Flores

Mad Doggin 12 750pxAnd masterlenman John Malvino. Wow!

Mad Doggin 13 750pxCinephiles, DFL

Mad Doggin 14 750pxOC legends Ig and Jinx, holding court shoe-side

Mad Doggin 15 750pxThe Indy/Waffle connection. Powerful

Mad Doggin 16 750pxHoly shit! Groundbreaking Alva ad photog Raul Vega?! Not bad!

Mad Doggin 17 750pxOh shit! Daggers!

Mad Doggin 18 750pxWait, he’s cool. Close call

Mad Doggin 19 750pxRush at the front

Mad Doggin 20 750px‘Wait. There’s not gonna be any Trackers in this movie, is there?!’

Mad Doggin 21 750pxPosters turned out killer, no?

Mad Doggin 22 750pxWafflemasters Steve Van Doren and Omar Hassan

Mad Doggin 23 750pxEd going in for some of those HB hook-ups

Mad Doggin 24 750pxIs this the photo you were concerned about, Deanna?

Mad Doggin 25 750pxNone finer

Mad Doggin 26 750px‘John Fallahee?’

Mad Doggin 27 750px‘Never heard of him!’

Mad Doggin 28 750pxLegend overload!

Mad Doggin 29 750pxHarts and Neck, reliving their Pimpit.com heyday

Mad Doggin 30 750pxIs Duncan the only one who remembers how to make a proper Alva Posse face around here?!

Mad Doggin 31 750pxAnd we’re in!

Mad Doggin 32 750pxRush at concessions

Mad Doggin 33 750pxOf course Steve offers to pay

Mad Doggin 34 750pxPopcorn was free tho – Alva style!

Mad Doggin 35 750pxIt’s the little touches, no?

Mad Doggin 36 750pxBeach Blvd and Fairfax, coming together for TA

Mad Doggin 37 750pxBrigaders – front row!

Mad Doggin 38 750pxMovie premiers are a great place to make new friends. Jus’ sayin’

Mad Doggin 39 750pxPurps in the jean jacket ain’t falling for no flash in the eyeballs!

Mad Doggin 40 750pxWhoah! I mean Ho!

Mad Doggin 41 750pxHalf the Pabiches, popcorned AF

Mad Doggin 42 750pxBroken femur, professor Schmitt’s still having more fun than the rest of us!

Mad Doggin 43 750pxKiller slide show on the big screen before the movie

Mad Doggin 44 750pxInsane outtakes

Mad Doggin 45 750pxAnd then … of course brunch happens when you’re Hollywood Coan!

Mad Doggin 46 750pxReal talk tho

Mad Doggin 47 750pxThey nailed it

Mad Doggin 48 750pxCharno, too!

Mad Doggin 49 750pxSoak it in, Scorceses

Mad Doggin 50 750pxKiller flick filled with all the incredible imagery and hilarious zingers you’ve come to depend on from the LL crew

Mad Doggin 51 750pxAnd then finally, the Mad Dog takes the stage

Mad Doggin 52 750pxAfter Christ’s embrace, of course

Mad Doggin 53 750pxQ&A portion. Some serious knowledge got dropped

Mad Doggin 54 750pxAND some laughs

Mad Doggin 55 750pxBut yeah, serious shit mostly

Mad Doggin 56 750pxOutside, swag hounds feasting

Mad Doggin 57 750pxThey had a wall of all the killer Wynn Miller shots

Mad Doggin 58 750pxFeast your eyes!

Mad Doggin 59 750pxAnd then there was a giant film fest afterparty with fancy foods and people and the whole deal. I just ended up hanging around the skaters. Probably for the best. Cheers TA doc crew! Thanks, Vans! Keep it’ going TA!
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  • Burnout: Mad Doggin'

    Burnout: Mad Doggin'
    Tony Alva invented the frontside air, the skater attitude and maybe even the dirt ‘stache. It’s about time he got his own documentary! OC’s glitterati converged for the very special premier of The Tony Alva Story.
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