Burnout: Mildly Flared

After a dodgy hiatus, we return to bloggitude catching up with the Lakai team, on the prowl Down South for radical 'crete.

Bay side.

Our guys.

When the hair goes up, the legend comes out.

Show time!

Ain't no air like free air!

And introducing The Kid ... frontside 270 wise.

Big Jon Sciano, reporting for melon.

Oh fuck, here we go.

That look!

Later, near heat stroke – mission accomplished (not shown)

Sebo, walking.

Think he can't hack it? Fool lives in a van.

Nice sesh.


Our fearless leader.

After much to do, Riley unloads the killer combo, shades of Vogt.

Not that it was easy.

Dipshit stops to let us know something shitty. Thanks dummy!

A general zorchitude sets in.

Long hot afternoon, even in winter.

Not that a little Euro humour couldn't revive us.

I don't know what he said, but that shit's funny. Something about 'Pied Piper." Gratzi amigos!