Burnout: Propeller

After years of globe trotting, curb crushing, air-catching radical, Vans premiered their first video, Propeller, last night in Los Angeles.

If you're looking for WBD, just follow the burgers.

Early legend sighting - Dressen, first in line!

Mortimer in a Ramirezwich. Write this down!

Meanwhile, over at the diner, Meza conducts research.

And then The Roof! Rowan looks good up here, right?!

Snackdown in the golden light!

Cheers Chima!

the Jack Mansfields!

Nice suit, but move it!

Here we go!

TV gets caught up in a Dustin affection bender.

JT and CP, nice!

Nice to be up here with the beautiful people for once.

Speaking of ...

DL grants me a special leather pants exclusive!

Damn those Lutherans are a good-looking bunch!

Everyone wants a piece!

No wonder he decided to go steady!

Later, Stevie and the Greens showed up! You sly dog, Cody!

And Sally stopped off in O-Side. Look at Lannie's Rowan shirt!

Elevator fun. Loosening up now.

'Yeah Rick .. Yeah I got Mikey on the other line. I'm heading over ...'

T Vaughan!

Hubbub out front with Lil Fucky!

Let the Babe Parade begin!

Some tough hoodies right there.

Shep Dawgs, everywhere!

'Yall skate???'

Final adjustments, glasses and sandwich-wise for the Spliff Bowse.

Street artists - Neck and Dancer.

'This way!' hollers the flouncy man with the Go-Pro

More like sloppy uncle, but close!

Fuckin' hipsters ...

Mid-trip pose down. Get up, Dance!

And finally, a flood of familiar faces!

The Hsus aint' goin' in on this one on an empty stomach!

The good fool, Big Wheat!

Scott and Sciano!

Mouly and Blair!

the Collinses!

the kid with the amazing hair!

Buddy and Wissman, goldfishwise!

Jake Smith, mad foliage.

J Lay!

They really hate those tacos ...

Inside, Jimmy gets to work.


the Berles!

the Zorilla clan! Fantastic!

DLX associates!

Omar and Yary, tight bros from way back!

Layne plays lil' brother on Curren's dream date! Wait, is that his sister?

Ah shit .. these fools

Who runs Barter Town?

Even AVE fans out when it's TA.

Heavy fuckin' duty! Congrats boys!

Facing his fears.

the Comp!

Bakers, everywhere.


and in the SD OG department, Chad and Colin Knight!

Vans artists in residence. Looked great guys!

Titans of street. Nuff said.

Always hard to figure out just how much to stick out your chin in these things.

That's about right.

Acosta en garde while Christie counts it down

And then ....

Steve Van Doren and 'the best skate team in the world!'

Maybe the heaviest stage of all time. Serously. Couldn't fit em all in!

Caption Goes Here

Another round for GH!

Wait'll you see it. Seriously jawdropping stuff!

Wow! Feds and Vincent got a lot of work to do!

Borden and Hewitt, brothers on arms.

The Rodents, floating in the glow of it all.

Outback, the afterparty. She really does photograph well.

Olson phones it in to the Midwest.

Couldn't even get near Greg at first!

Mother's boys, Tyler and Gilbert. Nice work, Gil!

Sherb doubles down.

Look out for this bunch.

the right Gio!

Johnny, already killing it behind the scenes.

Ok, here we go - the dream team we've been hearing about. Amazing work, you guys! Congratulations on a job so well done.I feel so fortunate to get to see some of it with my own eyeballs!

Yep Cody!


Ray and Tommy, jamming it out.

the Boserios!

and the Shimizus!

From here things got pretty huggy

Trixie prepares for her closeup.

That's right, Tony, we saw that phenomenal part.

Lookin great, 1-8.

But tell me how you REALLY feel ...

Adam Wallacavage, locked out!

Nut with the dreaded triple logo!

It's ok to crack a smile. You guys killed it.

And then off into the night ... Thanks you Off the Wallers. Thanks for everything!

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