Burnout: Rusty's Day Out

Early call time with Hugo the make-up artist. 

DSC 2528Cody was as still as a statue.

DSC 2530Cooking it in. 

DSC 2540Ewan tests out the pedestal. Editor of the Year, maybe! 

DSC 2544Oh yeah, Cody was going in full-body. 

DSC 2546T-shirt: model's own. 

DSC 2548Half Cabs, of course. 

DSC 2558Ha-hah!

DSC 2569Lacquering the final layer. 

DSC 2574The hat really tied it all together. 

DSC 2575Yep!

DSC 2590

DSC 2597

DSC 2598Can't thank you enough for this, Codebreaker!

DSC 2610Uncanny!

DSC 2620 copyWow! 

DSC 2631Finally, back in his natural habitat – the streets!

DSC 2642

DSC 2644Planning out the shots. 

DSC 2656

DSC 2658 copyI love this one. 

DSC 2679Barnstorming H-Wood Blvd. 

DSC 2686Man of Steel, huh?

DSC 2687

DSC 2688Rusty, rollin' the fuck through!

DSC 2697

DSC 2699

DSC 2713Amazing. 

DSC 2733Offsides for the big reaction shot. 

DSC 2736Pretty sure we surprised him though.  

DSC 2742Yes!

DSC 2816 1Caution: hugs ahead!

DSC 2751
DSC 2821 1
Is Rowley wiping away a gangster's tear?

DSC 2762So proud. 

DSC 2766Mom was even prouder. 

DSC 2828
DSC 2837
DSC 2841So stoke, dude! 

DSC 2774
DSC 2778
DSC 2847 1Dill can take it from here. 

DSC 2854'I thought they made a statue!'

DSC 2784Metallic makeup in the eyeballs or not, Cody was ready to shred. 

DSC 2789Totally unnerving. 

DSC 2793Keep trippin' on it. 

DSC 2939Dill flexes some air time.

DSC 2795Dreaming of driving home for a shower. Thanks for sticking it out, Cody. 

DSC 2797 2AVE's grandma made it!

DSC 2803Of course there was cake!

DSC 2821Del Taco, too! And ice cream. 

DSC 2803 1'Are those tacos for everyone?'

DSC 2807Couple college professors wandered in. 

DSC 2811'I knew he was gonna get it too!'

DSC 2816Get that corner piece!

DSC 2824Legend mash-up. Thanks for letting us use your park again Guy!

DSC 2904
DSC 2910
DSC 2920Dylan, AA and Sherb. Tight, tight. 

DSC 2922Jimi and Dave battling over whose bottled water is less plasticy. 

DSC 2925Dressen coulda been SOTY if we'd had our shit together in '88. 

DSC 2940Footage dump in the lounge. 

DSC 2946Dill – gaga for the fit of our hats. I know, right?!

DSC 2949Who's down with the mag?

DSC 2954Since at least '86. 

DSC 2958Not bad, Propellerheads. 

DSC 2892Really nice. Thanks you guys!

DSC 2849
And just think ... this isn't even the real party. Congrats AVE. Thanks a lot, friends. 
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