Burnout: The Humbler

While many choose to go mini-ramping into their autumn years, Tony Walsh's terrain trajectory went wildly in the other direction. His backyard bowl will knock you on your ass!

Driveway QP. Innocent enough.

Flash 'em if you got 'em.

Frost flexes out that San Bernardino 'tude.

Taking it into Venice territory!

Decked, always decked.

A Florida staple.

Ok, we're getting cocky. Time to hit the backyard.


Donnie dives right in. This thing will keep you on your toes!

Careful Cory ...

Very aggressive mid section.

The Floridian had no problem, of course.

'Waahh ..'

Killer backcountry on this thing.

That piano-coping tho!


Ultimately spat out.

Sethtafari. Righteous roll.

Nothing warms you up like an acid beef.

Double axle into the tumor!

Finally, Tony dropped in and showed us what was what. Heavy duty!


GT, flexing his top-rate hipsmanship.


The Ol' Showmar lipslide.

Frontal requests taken, not honored.

Heckofa spread, Tony!

Frost-tech at the buzzer!

Then, wouldn't you know, he took it street!

SOTY13, comfy on any terrain. 

Goddamn right.

Can't believe we made it out alive! Thanks Tony!

'Are we out?'

Dreaming of curbs.

Quick street line, no big deal.

You can imagine where it went from here ...