Canvas Artist Profile: Sigh Less

AS WE HUMANS induce the sixth mass extinction with a casual disregard, we seldom stop to view the ashes of our wake. Multiple species of animals continue to go extinct daily, yet we’re caught up in the latest iPhone fuckery. It’s hard to fathom the weight of it all when it doesn’t affect you personally. Well, make no mistake; our reckoning beckons. And, although maybe not in this life, soon enough the wholesale slaughter of all things flora and fauna will catch up with us. My intention with this thing I call Necrosculpting is to not only shine a light on this atrocity, but to offer an iceberg’s tip of a window into the world of what twisted creature you shall stand before when it’s your time for judgement. Maybe next time you’ll think twice about squashing that spider. —Sigh Less
All animal remains were ethically sourced.
Sigh Less uses his own skeleton for a back nosegrind.  /  Photo: Caylene

For more art and info on Sigh Less, visit his Instagram: @sigh_less_productions
Or his Facebook: Sigh Less Productions

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