House of Vans Pop-Up Detroit Photos

Vans set up shop at Jefferson School in Detroit to reopen its doors to the community with workshops, concerts and a skatepark. With the frigid tempatures outside the locals flocked to the institution to take advantage of everyhing they had to offer. –Jordan Joseffer


8 detroit 38th floor brook 750px

It's so cold in the D     Photo: Brook


school 750px

Jefferson School


wig 750px

The Wig frozen over across the street


entrance 750px

When was the last time you were excited about going to school?


bullentinBoard 750px


12 skate park brook 750px

The gymnasium


brook2 750px

A look inside Mr. Joe Brook's classroom


brook1 750pxXerox wall


10 prints brook 750px


svdBrook 750px

Steve Van Doren popped in with Christian Hosoi to welcome everyone


1 vandoren hosoi brook 750px

Photo: Brook


2 shane rogers dan mancina rob woelkers evan hutchings brook 750px

Detroit locals: Shane Rogers, Dan Mancina, Rob Plus Woelkers and Evan Hutchings    Photo: Brook


3 zered bassett brook 750px

Zered Bassett and his kickflip from the "Adroit in Detroit" featured in Thrasher     Photo: Brook


6 joebrook laura kirsch 750px

Excellent class, Joe!     Photo: Kirsch


protomartyr 750px

Protomartyr packed the school auditorium


4 youth detroit brook 750pxYouth of today in Detroit     Photo: Brook 


5 chad bowers greg hunt brook 750px

Down the hall, Chad Bowers and Greg Hunt – Mind Field Alumni     Photo: Brook


GrantAVE 750px

AVE reminisces


thundercat1 750px

Master of the bass, Thundercat took the stage to close out the first night


phoneView 750px

Average concert views nowadays


thundercat3 750px

Class dissmissed


art 750px

ZelooperZ put in some work while people watched


art2 750px

Sydney James


sessions 750px

Desires kicked off the "Sessions" which gave some local talent a chance to hit the stage


sessions2 750px

Chuke Wise dressed up to get down


9 nick jaskey brook 750px

Nick Jaskey – Detroit native, artist and skateboarder     Photo: Brook


justinHenry 750px

Justin Henry gets a back Smith over the bar on the Quasi obsticle


vandorens 750px

Steve Van Doren and his daughter Kristy pass out t-shirts to everyone


jay1 750px

Popped on over to another classroom for a cartooning workshop with Mr. Jay Howell


jay2 750px

Cartooning secrets were revealed


jay3 750px


KelseyLu 750px

Kelsey Lu


niagra 750px

In between sets I popped in to check out Niagra's (of Destroy All Monsters) artwork


joyceOverview 750px

Joyce Manor got the crowd moving


stagedive 750px

Stagedive thataway


linejam2 750px

Everyone in the school tried to jam into the auditorium for Danny Brown's set


linejam1 750px

These guys have a problem...


linejam4 750px



linejam5 750px


linejam7 750px

A couple of successful security bargers


linejam6 750px

"No one else even think about it!"


DB1 750px

Detroit's finest, Danny Brown


DB3 750px


DB4 750px

Bras started flying on stage


DB5 750px

Killed it


wrap 750px

And that's a wrap. Grab a poster on your way out. Thanks Vans!

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