Supra's Holiday Party

Supra's Holiday Party

Story and Photos by Dennis Martin AKA @Dirtyklips

This year Supra footwear decided to take their holiday party back to it's roots with an all-star cast of friends and family at The Hollywood Avalon. Headlining the event was legendary rocker Joan Jett and The Blackhearts with opening acts Bleached and DJ Ruckus spinning throughout the night. Bringing together all walks of life from around Los Angeles with an open bar all night and an In 'n' Out burger truck to wash it all down - what a treat it was!

Ellington, Kareem Campbell, and The Muska catching up on it all

Rowan and Dustin stake claim to Steve Aoki's VIP table.

All you can drink bros

Bleached, the sister duo of former Mika Miko kicked off the live performances

Nuge and Lizard going Vol. 4

Steve Aoki joins Rowan and Dustin finally. Damn Aoki's Baked!

Brownie, Vaughan Baker, and the homie James

Party Scene in the back

Dylan Rieder and myself, so serious!

Braydon and Hamamoto not so serious.

Meanwhile outside Grant Schubert, Pat Rumney, Sasha Daley and Fam have some burgers

Keep a lookout while we tweest

Joan Jett takes the stage with a bag of hits

"The Party" AKA Steve Clair is the shit!

Such an amazing show Joan Jett put on

DJ Ruckus takes over for the remainder of the night. Let the party continue!

Neen-o-model prom night pose

Bottle service with Nasty Neck. Take it easy this Holiday season everyone.

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