Zine Thing Challenge

ZINE THING CHALLENGE SEATTLE is a contest organized by 35th North and Thrasher to celebrate zine culture within skateboarding. Inspired by All City Showdown, ten teams were given a limited time to shoot, design and write an entire skate zine. In this case, two weeks to shoot photos and two weeks to put the zine together. To make it extra interesting they were only allowed to use photos from two Kodak Fun Saver disposable cameras. The only rules for content were that each zine had to have one interview, one essay or editorial and a fake ad.

What they came up with is testament to the creative spirit of skateboarding. Anyone who has tried to shoot skate photos with a Fun Saver can tell you that it’s not easy, so getting any photos, let alone good ones, is a triumph. But skateboarders have always been about doing a lot with a little, and that’s definitely what happened here.

Even in 2018 we think zines hold up. This contest was a nod to the pre-social media era when the only way to get your scene noticed outside of the big mags was to make your own. Unlike Instagram, making an entire zine requires at least some semblance of a design ethos and, as we discovered, a bare minimum of a month. That level of intention is what makes projects like this special. Everyone says print is dead, but digital pixels will never replace the feeling of plopping down at your local shop and flipping through a whole mag, cover to cover. We’re extremely psyched to have captured that feeling not one but ten times.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we have, and we hope you’re inspired to get out there and make your own! –Tobias Coughlin-Bogue



Starry Eyed & Sleep Deprived

By Dane Ichimura, Chris Jameson, Ryan Grady  

Dane Ichimura is a talented designer, photographer and local skater who rides for 35th Ave. 


Swedish Metal

By Logan Devlin, Clay Tinker, Brandon Gulliford, Loon Sam, Kody Karnahan 
Logan Devlin lives in Tacoma, WA and is a ripping skateboarder, artist, designer, video editor, and OG 35th Ave team rider.  Check out “Just Nipples" for everything awesome.





By Dane Nomellini, Gordon de los Santos, Ryan Stangland, Tobias Coughlin, Sasha Barr
Dane Nomellini moved from the Bay Area to Seattle a few years ago, got his degree in graphic design and works on different skate projects.  Dane has done work with 35th North and also rides for the shop.




The Skate Witches

By Kristen Ebeling, Shari White, Angie Crum 
Co-captains Kristen Ebeling and Shari White are OG Skate Witches and have made a number of zines.  Shari is a filmer and editor, hails from Vancouver BC and rides for Meow Skateboards.  Kristen is the executive director of Skate Like A Girl and rides for 35th North and Meow Skateboards. 




Pressure Cracks

By Adrien Way, Jon Hanks, Phillip Mcknight, Danicia Factora 
Adrien Way is an OG Seattle skateboarder, photographer and well-experienced zine maker.  Adrien knows the world of skateboarding, skate rock, Marginal Way and everything in between.  He also owns Don't Sleep Ink a local Seattle brand.





By Alex Mooney, Michael Ellis, Phil Rolli, Jim Russell, Patrick Scully 
Alex Mooney, originally from San Diego, has worked on different zines, skate projects and Marginal Way.  Alex represents Black Market Skateshop.



Golden Garbage

By Andy Kelly, Sean Kelly, Zach Rockstad, Cliff Tomczyk  
Andy Kelly is a graphic designer, ripping skater and comes from a family of artists including his twin brother Sean and older brother Matt.  Andy is a longtime 35th family member and team rider.




Dont Plan It

By Sam Cole, Dope Planet HQ 
Sam Cole is a popular Seattle photographer,  integral member of the Dope Planet squad and team rider for 35th North.





By Todd Lown, Eric Green, Jesse Brown, Nikko Zzucena 
Todd Lown is a longtime Seattle skateboarder, owner of Sausage Skateboards, professional artist and graphic designer.  Todd is known for his art installations around the city as well as his tremendous support for Seattle skateboarding.  





By Leo Banuelos, Jake Alexander, Ben Koppl, Bryan Fu, Andy Lew
Leo Banuelos moved from Naples, Florida to Seattle a few years back and is an artist, designer and filmer.  Leo owns Census a brand that produces videos, zines and apparel.




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  • Zine Thing Challenge: "Swedish Metal" Video

    Zine Thing Challenge: "Swedish Metal" Video
    To win the Zine Thing Challenge, Logan Devlin and friends turned his dad's '98 Volvo into the ultimate skate obstacle. This video is unsafe at any speed.
  • Zine Thing Challenge: "Personas" Video

    Zine Thing Challenge: "Personas" Video
    Leo Banuelos and the crew from Cens.us Zine tackle topics as diverse as bicycle polo beef and skaters in drag – along with some conventional shredding, of course. Second place, not too shabby!
  • Zine Thing Challenge: Release Party And Award Ceremony

    Zine Thing Challenge: Release Party And Award Ceremony
    Hopefully you’ve checked out the zines, now peep the release party/award ceremony to see who won what. If print is dead then zombies rule the earth. 
  • Zine Thing: Homegrown mags and rags

    Zine Thing: Homegrown mags and rags
    Hell, Thrasher started as a zine so you know we have love for all hand-made publications. Here’s a look at some zines we’ve received over the years plus an interview with our long-time zine-reviewer Wez Lundry.
  • October 1991

    October 1991
    Cover: Ray Barbee – Frontside Flip Photo: Sleeper Inside This Mag: Raw meat Bill Atkinson, Morgan Tunney, Ricky Higgins, Kien Lieu "Donger," Willy M. Santos, Todd Parker, Erik Nolte and Stacey Gibo and an interview with Cara-Beth Burnside, the only female skater in the pro ranks in 1991 Also In This Issue: The Skatepark Chronicle, how to ollie step by step and the zine zoneMusic Articles: Smashing Pumpkins, Pigface, Silverfish, Birdland and Big Chief