• Zine Thing Challenge: "Swedish Metal" Video

    Zine Thing Challenge: "Swedish Metal" Video
    To win the Zine Thing Challenge, Logan Devlin and friends turned his dad's '98 Volvo into the ultimate skate obstacle. This video is unsafe at any speed.
  • Zine Thing Challenge: "Personas" Video

    Zine Thing Challenge: "Personas" Video
    Leo Banuelos and the crew from Cens.us Zine tackle topics as diverse as bicycle polo beef and skaters in drag – along with some conventional shredding, of course. Second place, not too shabby!
  • Zine Thing Challenge: Release Party And Award Ceremony

    Zine Thing Challenge: Release Party And Award Ceremony
    Hopefully you’ve checked out the zines, now peep the release party/award ceremony to see who won what. If print is dead then zombies rule the earth. 
  • Zine Thing Challenge

    Zine Thing Challenge
    Our friends at 35th North skate shop in Seattle held a zine-making contest recently – two weeks to shoot it (using only Fun Saver cameras,) and two weeks to put it together. Check out their stellar results. Now go make your own!
  • Zine Thing: Homegrown mags and rags

    Zine Thing: Homegrown mags and rags
    Hell, Thrasher started as a zine so you know we have love for all hand-made publications. Here’s a look at some zines we’ve received over the years plus an interview with our long-time zine-reviewer Wez Lundry.
  • October 1991

    October 1991
    Cover: Ray Barbee – Frontside Flip Photo: Sleeper Inside This Mag: Raw meat Bill Atkinson, Morgan Tunney, Ricky Higgins, Kien Lieu "Donger," Willy M. Santos, Todd Parker, Erik Nolte and Stacey Gibo and an interview with Cara-Beth Burnside, the only female skater in the pro ranks in 1991 Also In This Issue: The Skatepark Chronicle, how to ollie step by step and the zine zoneMusic Articles: Smashing Pumpkins, Pigface, Silverfish, Birdland and Big Chief