• Classics: Omar Hassan "Blockhead Video"

    Classics: Omar Hassan "Blockhead Video"
    As this vid from the late '80s shows, Omar got his skating fundamentals in order at a young age—and that's why he's been ripping for 30 years.
  • Firing Line: Omar Hassan

    Firing Line: Omar Hassan
    Even without getting tech or blasting an air, Omar shows how there's endless ways to get creative and gnarly.
  • Omar Hassan Photos

    Omar Hassan Photos
    Vans has a bunch of killer photos, with the stories behind them, of Omar Hassan.
  • Omar's Five Faves

    Omar's Five Faves
    Omar Hassan shares his five favorite spots in Costa Mesa in this clip from Vans.
  • Omar Snapshots

    Omar Snapshots
    Vans continues their Omar Hassan week with a bunch of snapshots from throughout his lifetime.
  • Omar Hassan Interview

    Omar Hassan Interview
    Vans has a lengthy interview with Omar where he discuss the past, present, future, Mark Gonzales, Black Label and more.
  • 5&5 with Omar

    5&5 with Omar
    Omar Hassan gets wild with Madonna variations in this 5&5 for Independent Trucks.
  • Omar Hassan Scans

    Omar Hassan Scans
    Vans kicks off their week of Omar Hassan content with a bunch of old magazine scans, including his Thrasher interviews and Raw Meat from '89.
  • Burnout: Potpourri

    Burnout: Potpourri
    A stroll down memory lane on today's Burnout.
  • Omar Hassan Mic'd Up

    Omar Hassan Mic'd Up
    Omar Hassan wore a mic during a practice session for the pool party. Check it out.