San Pedro Shred 4

The fourth annual San Pedro Shred took place this Sunday celebrating that DIY ethos and all things San Pedro.


San Pedro’s newest pro Riley Stevens takes to the sky


Terrell Robinson blesses it with a backside 360


Speaking of Vans—it’s Johnny Layton!


“You guys want some grip tape?”


“See, vanishes just like that.”


Back on the skate course there was a huge quarter pipe that got stuck in a slump. Tristan Rennie, alley-oop tail grab


Across from the huge quarter was the channel gap. Diego Alvarado clears it backside


Fabian and Elvis, working the Would Shop skates booth, selling DIY-themed boards and Ts,  makin' deals


Kendall McDermott drew the graphic for the “Shark Bag." Perfect for carrying your precious vinyl


On the subject of vinyl, let’s check out the sound stage where Mike Watt and the Secondmen have amassed quite a crowd


No matter how big any of the bands are that Mr. Watt has fronted, he has always been down for the DIY movement and prefers to travel in a van


Mike Watt and the Secondmen


Jammin' Econo


Malakai Montes, front blunt


San Pedro local Oscar Navarro, front rock


Diego’s back with a noseblunt yank in, or as the kids call it, a Dump Truck


Jesus! is this the worlds biggest backside disaster? Check the video clip and see



Jesus Esteban shuts it down!

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