Junk Drawer
  • Shrunken Head's "Shrunken Rituals Vol.2" Video

    Shrunken Head's "Shrunken Rituals Vol.2" Video
    While mostly concentrating their sick voodoo energy on Burnside, the Shrunken Head squad hits damn-near every Portland DIY and manages a few interstate clips. Jeremy Tuffi, Frank Shaw and many others tear up every piece of Quikrete in sight. Keep your eyes peeled for the Crust Hunter himself. 
  • Roger of the Month: Joey McAdams

    Roger of the Month: Joey McAdams
    A month late, but Joey McAdams from Lynwood, WA, is the Roger of the Month for February 2020. That last flip out might make you trip out. Who’s gonna be ROTM for March? You’ll probably find out in April…
  • Extra Hunger! Hungry Ams Texas

    Extra Hunger! Hungry Ams Texas
    Max Taylor and Reese Barton help Joe Milazzo and the OJ ams feed on some savory Austin spots. Get an extended look at their trip as they battle to squeeze a little extra juice out of each session.
  • Stüssy - How Original

    Stüssy - How Original
    Stüssy’s new promo comes through with some strong coastal flavor. Aaron Loreth returns to wreck his staple Ventura spots and Cyrus Bennett closes the curtains. Plus, Lance has his own section. What more do you want?
  • Spitfire's "Arson Department 5" Video

    Spitfire's "Arson Department 5" Video
    Ishod and some of the Fire’s heaviest Euro burners take to the skinny streets for an international rip ride, featuring more than a few epic bank and ledge locales. Take special note of Carozzi and Lintell—they’re really onto something...
  • T-Eddy Awards 2019

    T-Eddy Awards 2019
    Everyone’s favorite annual award ceremony is back to celebrate the year’s best breakthroughs and bunts. If you can’t make SOTY, might as well hope for a T-Eddy. See the list and guess who’ll get pissed.

    With a full part in the books, Versace Plug keeps the momentum by hitting the streets with his homies for their brand Flytecc. Filled with familiar spots from Hyun’s hit list, the gang goes off on Germany’s smooth sets and granite ledges. You’ll wanna see what he throws out of a back tail.
  • New from Spitfire

    New from Spitfire
    The Arson Department sets the scene for the hot new drop from Spitfire. Cop some and keep the fire lit.
  • Santa Cruz's "My Colorway" Reissues

    Santa Cruz's "My Colorway" Reissues
    Santa Cruz is letting you put your own colorized spin on some iconic graphics with a set of black-and-white reissues. Throw some neon colors on a Roskopp or tag your name on a Salba. Don’t be afraid to color outside the lines. 
  • Treasure Island DIY Turns Three

    Treasure Island DIY Turns Three
    The Bay Area scene lets loose on Treasure Island’s new concrete walls to ring in another year of the survival and growth for the DIY oasis. TNT, a bunch of young transition terrors, some bands and a pit turn the event into a full blown bash. Here’s to an even bigger fourth.
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Hear ye! Hear ye! We have a new King of Crust upon the horizon, Sir Mason Silva! Mason pops an unfathomable ollie (over a rail, past the flat) into a blistering bank. That’s how you score the front! More Silva inside as he weighs in on the heroes and heavyweights who have shaped his skating. How did Dashawn Jordan turn into an Olympic athlete seemingly overnight? Find out! Getting caught masturbating? Wack. Over-instagramming? Wack. New Palace pro Jamal Smith schools us on how he finesses the skate industry. Seems to be working. On the travel tip, GT, Collin Provost, Jackson Pilz, Chris Pfanner and the rest of the Volcom crew explore the wonderful world of Deutschland. From the biergartens to the streets, these guys are a force to be reckoned with. Stateside we have the FA guys trekking from Dallas to Oklahoma City, gobbling up dog shit sandwiches and epic spots every step of the way and the Monster crew gets sick in the Colorado Rockies. Need more? Martino Cattaneo gets the Lunatic Fringe treatment, we present you with a skater’s guide to head injuries, Emmanuel Guzman takes some high-speed plunges and Steel Pulse, Wolf Parade and Witch all get grilled. This issue is so chockfull of stoke you’re gonna need two faces for it to melt.