• Caswell's Guitar Hero

    Caswell's Guitar Hero
    Caswell takes the On The Download to another level, with a list of his ten favorite songs to play on Guitar Hero.
  • Dame Satan

    Dame Satan
    "I assumed the punks would want Tecates."
  • Black Time

    Black Time
    "I don’t want to sound like the most pretentious twat in the world, but I was looking at this song from the perspective of a painter."
  • Mike Carrolls SF Rap Jams

    Mike Carrolls SF Rap Jams
    You can take Mike Carroll out of SF, but you can't take the SF out of Carroll. Here's Mike's top 10 SF rap jams.
  • Celtic Frost

    Celtic Frost
    "sinister sounding metal"
  • Municipal Waste

    Municipal Waste
    "I’d rather be eating pizza or jerking off."
  • Gogol Bordello

    Gogol Bordello
    "I don’t dance period"
  • Jay Reatard

    Jay Reatard
    "I don’t want to get in a band that’s a gigantic love triangle"
  • Ramondetta's Hits From Hell

    Ramondetta's Hits From Hell
    Peter sent in his list of 10 songs that get him in the zone to shred. They're available for download as Ramondetta's Hits From Hell.
  • Witch

    "I would label it more as stoner punk."