• Sizzla

    "A lot of people suffer in the ghetto"
  • Annihilation Time

    Annihilation Time
    "Skate and destroy, that’s the only way."
  • Hank Williams III

    Hank Williams III
    "...country as good or gritty as it can be."
  • Trash Talk

    Trash Talk
    "hardcore has always been about being yourself"
  • King Kahn & The Shrines

    King Kahn & The Shrines
    "Cops, for me, are just underneath our level of evolution as humans."
  • Kowloon Walled City

    Kowloon Walled City
    "Just fucking bounds of unfettered creativity pouring out of us."
  • Cattle Decapitation

    Cattle Decapitation
    "We wanted to do a death metal band and I guess we decided to call it Cattle Decapitation."
  • AC/DShe

    "I love seeing beers flying and drunks singing choruses to AC/DC songs."
  • Andre Legacy

    Andre Legacy
    "If I really had to, I'd fuck Lindsay. I'm a team player."
  • The Shitkickers

    The Shitkickers
    "I passed out next to the pool with nothing but my boots on."
  • Mikey Alfred's "North Hollywood" Battle

    Mikey Alfred's "North Hollywood" Battle
    Mikey Alfred’s directorial debut following up the success of Mid90s has been snubbed by Hollywood distributors. Let’s help get this authentic skate story onto the screens of the people.
  • Manramp: "Birdmanramp" Episode 2

    Manramp: "Birdmanramp" Episode 2
    Manramp provides the perfect perch for Tony Hawk and his gang, including Andy Mac, Tom Schaar, Jake Wooten, Jimmy Wilkins, and the good feathered homie. Wow.
  • Skate Van Safety Manual

    Skate Van Safety Manual
    In the event of an emergency, airplane safety manuals address certain dangers. But what about a van full of skaters? Here are some illustrated guides to help you navigate the hazards of a multi-seater road trip. As seen in the July 2020 magazine.
  • Dashawn Jordan for Thunder Trucks

    Dashawn Jordan for Thunder Trucks
    Dashawn gets some quick clips and shares a lil' PMA in this Q&A for for Thunder. 
  • Creature Summer 2020 Promo

    Creature Summer 2020 Promo
    Gravette, Milton, Bækell, Ry-Rey, Lockwood, Lefty and more creep through in Creature’s infomercial from hell. This team’s nuts. 
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    Nyjah back tails the living hell out of the UCI 18, sliding squarely onto the Aug 2020 front. Crack the spine and dig into more carnage. On the travel tip, Santa Cruz devours Argentina and has the meat sweats to prove it while Indy Bondos and battles the 13 colonies. Yes, there will be blood. Interview-wise, Evan Smith gushes on Grimple and Cedric Pabich, Curren Caples and Harry Lintell all get the Heads treatment. The state of The Brooklyn Banks may be unknown, but its legacy is fully intact—check our retrospective of the East Coast stronghold and sign the petition to Save The Banks. Need a laugh? Dig into the Frank Gerwer “People I’ve Known” article. Need a pick-me-up? Pour over our “Skaters in Love” feature and feel the good vibes wash over you. Need some inspiration? Read our Run The Jewels interview in Zounds and fuel up to fight the power. Need some parenting advice? Let Trae the Tank’s dad set you straight. You’re probably going to need to wash your hands after finishing this issue because it’s F’n sick.