• Agnostic Front

    Agnostic Front
    "If we were from anywhere else, it wouldn’t have that sound, or that edge and anger"
  • Brujeria

    "I pursued an interview with a bunch of masked dudes packing machetes"
  • City and Colour

    City and Colour
    "Watch the skate video credits and then go to the record store"
  • The Black Heart Procession

    The Black Heart Procession
    "I feel I'm in my own reality, at times. That's just what artist have to do"
  • Black Cobra

    Black Cobra
    "The theme evolved into consciousness expansion, which sort of dealt with timelessness"
  • Trash Talk Interview

    Trash Talk Interview
    "...like a coked-out version of Rowdy Roddy Piper."
  • The Shrine

    The Shrine
    "...listening to Hawkwind and getting high"
  • AFI

    "It’s heartbreaking to see how little music means to people in modern times."
  • Cock Sparrer

    Cock Sparrer
    "If punk rock was ever needed, it’s needed now."
  • Parson Redheads

    Parson Redheads
    “It becomes necessary to have two definitions of pop. Can you put the Beatles in the same category as the new Shakira song?”