• Deadfall

    "That’s what’s cool about the Bay Area: mean faces."
  • Radio Birdman

    Radio Birdman
    "When punk rock came in we were already established as a band."
  • SSS

    "...infected with the disease of playing loud, hard, and fast."
  • Hightower

    "The house got totally destroyed. We went back the next day and the porch was collapsed."
  • Dame Satan

    Dame Satan
    "I assumed the punks would want Tecates."
  • Black Time

    Black Time
    "I don’t want to sound like the most pretentious twat in the world, but I was looking at this song from the perspective of a painter."
  • Celtic Frost

    Celtic Frost
    "sinister sounding metal"
  • Municipal Waste

    Municipal Waste
    "I’d rather be eating pizza or jerking off."
  • Gogol Bordello

    Gogol Bordello
    "I don’t dance period"
  • Jay Reatard

    Jay Reatard
    "I don’t want to get in a band that’s a gigantic love triangle"